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  • miha.wp


    Beware: If you are logged in in your browser as a facebook page, this widget will not show up.

    You can test that by going here:

    If in the sidebar you see just four empty boxes with these titles…
    Thin Like Box. Minimum 181px
    No Border
    Like Button Only
    With Stream
    … then you are very likely logged in as a page in your browser.

    Switch to your fb profile and the widget will show up in the sidebar.

    This is the reason why many people say it doesn’t work for them in browser X but it works in browser Y. They are just not logged in in each browser or use each with a different ID (profile vs. page)

    Not sure if this is normal for any fb plugin in WP (didn’t try others) or if this is a bug in this particular one. I know e.g. news websites (their comment sections) that work when you use fb as a page and some who work only when you use fb as a profile so they give you the option to switch your identity. This particular plugin won’t give you the option and just won’t show up.

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  • Plugin Author fornyhucker


    Hi miha.wp!

    Thanks so much for your input! I didn’t know that. I believe this bug is on facebook side and not on the plugin, because we use facebook code as is. I will test it anyway.

    Hi I am new to the forum, so I hope I do this right.
    I am having problems with standard WP facebook widget not showing in Safari etc. So I downloaded ‘simple facebook plugin’ and tried that. still same problem. I have read your comments in that you think it’s a FB code problem. I have tested your suggestion. i.e. having a FB page open in Safari and bingo the widget shows on all pages. But if I don’t have FB open the widget does not show. Is there a fix yet?
    Hope you can hep a frustrated new comer…..

    While this isn’t actually a solution because most clients will be logged in, it is definitely true. Too bad because it’s otherwise a good plugin.

    Plugin Author fornyhucker


    The problem is that we can’t duplicate this issue. For me it looks the same in all browsers no matter I’ve logged in as a page, as a profile or not logged in at all.

    Please post a link to the sites where you experiencing this problem. Maybe it will help as understand why this happens.


    Hi Thanks for the feed back the site is as follows. I am using a Mac with Safari when it doesn’t show, in Firefox its OK. Strange but true.. Link hope you can help cheers PdH

    Plugin Author fornyhucker


    I am not sure if this may cause a problem, but please check that you have no any age or country restrictions for your page. Read more on Facebook and on our blog. Let me know if this solve the issue.

    I have check and there are none.

    It’s easy to try to see the problem. Load the page in firefox and be logged into facebook. no load your page in explorer but make sure that you are not logged into facebook. You’ll see the difference.

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