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  • Like half an hour ago I signed up for a wordpress account and bought a domain name from wordpress. I’m just wondering if lets say 6 months from now I want to transfer the domain name to a new service is that possible?

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  • I think there’s some confusion because I’ve never heard of being able to register a domain through WordPress. And if you “signed up for a wordpress account”, then you have a blog here. However yes, you can change the host for your domain any time you want.



    Yeah it’s not THROUGH wordpress per se, it’s like when you go to upgrade tab you can purchase a domain name. It does it through this service: Automattic. I don’t think i’ll have to transfer the domain name to another host for some time but as it works for right now it redirects to my wordpress blog and this works out great for what I want to do right now. I just want to make sure it’s possible to do so in the future as there was a bit of confussion when I read the documentation that wordpress sends you to before you purchase the domain through them. It was written in 2006 so I don’t know how much of it still applies as it says things will be different in later versions.



    It depends on the registrar. I have transferred with GoDaddy by going to them first and giving them the info they need, then to the original registrar and getting the info from them. You then unlock the domain (if it is locked) and the registrars finish the transfer.

    GoDaddy is best on the cost/service ratio that I found over the years. They walk you through every step of the process. You get a free year registration for every domain transfereed (or they used to).




    As a matter of fact – you can purchase a domain and will point it to your wordpress.COM blog.

    Now, regarding the domain, let’s clarify there are 2 different things you do with a domain:
    1. Register at a registrar
    2. Host on a host company’s server.

    You don’t have to change registrar in order to host your domain somewhere else. So, the answer is yes, you can get your domain “released” from being pointed to your blog if/when you buy a hosting package for your self-hosted WP blog. (or anything else)



    THANKS I think there might have been some confussion on my part as I may have ended up in the wrong forums. Instead of going to the forums. Either way thanks for the help.



    Addtionally if this helps any confused person like myself I finally ended up on this info here. I think my questions have been answered.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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