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  • Long story short. I just did several updates and BROKE my woocommerce!

    After doing updates the WooCommerce and Add Product navigation links in my dashboard are gone. As if the plugin is not installed.

    I checked the plugins page and it’s not even showing up there.

    I checked the plugin folder, and there IS a woocommerce folder for the plugin, but it’s not showing up in the dashboard.

    I’m just curious, if I try to re-install it (via dashboard > add New > Install woocommerce) What will happen? Will I loose any previous data?

    What would have this happen? Why won’t it show up in dashboard? I didn’t change anything except perform updates to wordpress, plugins, and themes.

    What a mess!

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  • I have been working on several issues for a whole 24 hrs now, but I’m happy to say I fixed this myself!!

    For anyone else ever having similar trouble, here’s why it was acting this way.

    For some reason, within my woocommerce plugin folder in the wp-content/plugins/woocommerce, there was NO woocommerce.php file. At all.

    I have no idea where it went, but I’m pretty sure that file is needed in order to recognize the plugin.

    I downloaded the woocommerce plugin manually to my desktop, unzipped it, then uploaded that single file (woocommerce.php) back to where it was supposed to be, then reactivated it.

    Everything is now fine. All my products and settings are still in place as they were before. It was just missing that one file.

    Good luck to everyone else!

    Update: I’ll tell you what ELSE was missing!

    My entire “fonts” and “css” folders were MISSING within the “assets” directory.

    It took me all night to figure that one out.
    I’d like to note that I did nothing other than press “update” within the wordpress dashboard, and certain files within woocommerce were deleted.

    If anyone happens to read this and has any insight, it’s much appreciated.

    Update No. 2: This is no fun.

    While everything LOOKED fixed, I have no access to the visual editor with woocommerce enabled.

    I’ve tried the default theme, I’ve disabled every plugin and then reactivated one at a time to see where the problem was and it only appears after woocommerce is activated.

    I’m wondering if there are additional files (like the ones mentioned above) that are now absent from my plugin files 🙁

    How can I check??

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