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  • I have a lot of photos that were uploaded to S3.
    Each photo is in its own folder – folder name includes date and time, so there are many folders containing one item.
    I would like to change the setting so that future uploads all go into one folder per year / month (actually one folder per year / month / day would be better, but I’ll take what I can get).
    I am worried if I enable “Year/Month” in settings, it will change the URL’s of EXISTING photos. I don’t want this to happen because (1) it will break the links in my blog and (2) Amazon will charge me for the invalidations.
    Would someone please confirm that if I enable “Year/Month” it will only apply to NEW uploads, not existing uploads?
    Thanks in advance for help. This is an awesome plugin.

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  • Plugin Contributor ianmjones


    The “Year/Month” setting for WP Offload S3 only applies to items newly offloaded to S3 as it sets the prefix to be used in the bucket.

    It will not change the URL for already offloaded items as their prefix has already been set when offloaded.

    But also don’t forget that WP Offload S3 does not change the URL stored in your post’s database content, it still uses the local site’s URL. When the post is displayed to a visitor WP Offload S3 converts (filters) the local URL to the S3/CDN URL if it has been offloaded. So even if you used the tools that come with WP Offload S3 to remove a media library item from S3 and re-upload it with the new prefix settings, your post would still link to the correct file on S3.

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