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  • If I leave permalinks at the default setting everything seems OK, however if I edit permalinks at all, even a copy and paste of the examples given, then my comments, categories, and archives pages disappear.

    I reset the permalinks back to the default setting and all the pages magically reappear. This is very frustrating, any advice?

    Here is the permalink settings right now, copied right off the admin page examples:

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  • Have you edited your .htaccess file with the rewrite rules generated? That could be what is causing the problem.

    This requires modifying .htaccess. Frankly it didn’t work for me. So I chose a simpler scheme for permalinks. Let me know if it works for you. You can look at my site to see an example of this type of permalinks.

    Hmmm, I just re-read the instructions and NOWHERE on the page does it mention editing the .htaccess file. I wonder how many other steps were left out of the installation page? < sigh >

    Oh well, I suppose you get what you pay for. My apologies for the bad attitude but this is a bit frustrating. Thanks for the tip you guys, I’ll let you know if I have any luck…

    Ok, well, my luck (or lack thereof) continues as I am on a Windows server and therefore cannot use .htaccess files. Looks like my experience with WordPress is ending before it begins. I’m gonna’ check out Movable Type and/or Express Engine now, although they may not be written with a Windows server in mind either.

    Any suggestions for blog software on a Windows server?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Nothing is ever written with a Windows server in mind. It just isn’t the main-stream technology when it comes to servers.

    you are better off switching to a unix server and keeping wordpress in my opinion.
    even people i know that like microsoft wont run their servers.

    I wonder how many other steps were left out of the installation page?

    Only the 12,032 other steps for configuring every single combination of PHP, MySQL and every server software program (including steps for each version of everything.)

    That’s why WordPress, and every other software program that has been made has recommended requirements. As soon as you choose to install any program outside of these requirements, you may be asking for a headache. It’s not the fault of the software, nor the software designers nor those who write the documentation.

    I have identical setup on my Linux Apache server ( ) and my Windows 2000 Apache server. However I do not use htaccess to create permalinks. And that has served me well. No htaccess and no mod_rewrite for me 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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