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  1. Haljo
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hi There...

    I'm a traditional graphic designer, with very little experience in building / customising sites such as WordPress. If I design sites / CD-ROMs I tend to construct the concepts / designs and then have a programmer do the build.

    I've been looking at the many many WordPress sites out there especially the ones at alexking.org - I've downloaded a couple and tried customising them with varying degrees of success - its all a bit hit and miss when it comes to my experience and knowledge.

    So thats where my request lies... I'd be more than capable in designing the various pages along with functionality (all of which I would outline) and you (whoever you are!) would be there to build it and bring all together. We would of course be co-owners of the theme - and if you wanted to freely distribute the theme (or even expand on it in the future - and I'd be happy to help with any design mods) - you'd be more than welcome to.

    if anyone can help out and want to collaborate in creating a great new theme - then i'd love to hear from you!

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