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    Hey all, I’m a designer with developer experience as well. I currently have some ideas that I want to build, unfortunately these will require someone that will know how to build these items out, I just want to design the layout. Where I currently work that’s how we do things, I design, someone else builds. Is anyone up for grabs to do this, if so let me know.

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  • I should have mentioned, I’ll cut things up as well.

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    What ?

    1. Let you know.
    HOW exactly ? many people do not want to advertise what they do so common sense says to leave a way for them to get in touch. You did not.

    2. You did not mention what sort of design you would hand over to be converted. PSD ? JPG ? Collage ? rough sketch ?

    3. You did not mention a budget. Designing is expensive – you did not acknowledge that.

    I could go on.
    The fault is yours. Do not complain.

    What’s your budget? I’m interested in picking up a web design project over the next few days if you’re interested. E-mail me at ashhaque [at] if you’re interested.

    Sorry guys. Let me adjust some of my original statement.

    I’m a Designer looking for a Developer that would help me build a WordPress Community. I am not looking to pay anyone. I’m looking for someone to work with me. I’d showw the Developer a hi-resolution JPG of the pages that he/she would use as a trace image and build out the site to spec. I’d specify the Fonts, colors and widths in the preview layout as well. Plus I would cut up any and all images. I’d share the Photoshop file with the Developer as well.

    This person would be willing to put up some time to develop and modify WordPress so it would mimic the JPG images and be able to work with me to help me adjust my design to meet WordPress in the best way possible.

    I can be reached at Here’s some of my portfolio work for you to review in case you’re curiousw what I’ve done or for whom. This URL will not be up for long, and here’s an example of something I’m planning to use WordPress or B2Evolution for

    Also, I am willing to trade/barter design for development. In other words, if someone helps me build, I will also help them design items.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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