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  • I almost never leave reviews but my experience with this company is so bad, I have left two.

    REVIEW 1

    It is day three and I have not seen any changes made on my site after my support request was sent on your webpage. I have sent multiple follow up emails and I even sent a 2nd support request on your site today.

    As a new customer of yours, I feel like this is very poor customer service to make a customer wait for help. I understand a day, but when you told me it would be done on Wednesday, I expected it to be done on Wednesday. Especially when purchased the them on Tuesday. Today is Thursday and no big surprise that NO ONE has bothered to acknowledge my request at all today. I haven’t even received an apology. Now that Friday is almost here, I have lost all confidence in your company. I feel like you took a hefty amount of money from me for a theme with the “promise” of support. However you really have no intention on supporting this at all. The forum gets more attention than a paying customer!!!!!

    I really would prefer not to do business with a company who ignores paid support requests.

    I would like my money back and I will gladly spend it on a theme with actual support.


    Review 2 – Update: 5 Months later…

    After my first review, I finally got a response from someone. They seemed more concerned with me changing my review, instead of actually assisting me. Now several months later, I run into another problem with my PAID version of this theme. I contacted support and again it takes several days for a response. The response really upset me. Again, there was no interest in helping me AT ALL.

    Here is the response I received…

    “Since you were not kind enough last time even though we provided support we would request the following from you before we provide further support:

    Kindly remove the rating or change it to a 5 star rating here:


    Support SKT Themes”

    Really? I paid for support, you aren’t doing me any favors by providing it. Now you are withholding the service that I paid for because I won’t lie to the public and tell them that you are fantastic? Be fantastic and then I will say you are fantastic!!! On top of that, you DEMAND that I rate you a “5 star” before you even assist me??? People rate things based on their experiences, not because you withhold services to bully them into it. Again…you deserve a negative 5 star!

    Needless to say, it has been 3 additional days since I replied to this disrespectful email and I have still received no response.

    My next step is to find out how to get a refund…since you don’t offer the support your customers pay for.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by  sphynxma.
    • This topic was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by  sphynxma.
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  • Theme Author SKTThemes


    No attempts were made to let us know when the theme was installed on her server. The first day while logging in the admin panel it was restricted and we couldn’t login.

    Once we logged in and did the installation nothing and no reply was provided.

    If we also could rate back!!!

    Your response is so untrue and I have the email documentation to prove it. Try again.

    Hi @sphynxma
    do you have the movers and packers pro? if yes you can sell me you your theme?
    I worked with free one and I’m quite happy with that, my customers too, so I want to buy the pro
    how can I contact you?

    Theme Author SKTThemes


    @karadeniz: That is illegal to do.

    she doesn’t like your theme but I like and my customers too 🙂 so
    when I buy it from her, she is happy, I’m happy and your are unhappy 🙂

    but I don’t buy it from her, she will not stop till she gets refund or she will only talk bad about your theme 🙂

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