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  • scooterjm


    The deployment of this made all my clients angry and had me frustrated writing all new documentation for them that ended up being three times longer than the original documentation for the exact same tasks. It’s been a nightmare until I found the Classic Editor plugin to get things back to bring normal and usable.

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  • Sorry you experienced some documentation trouble. Can you elaborate on why the documentation is longer when writing it for Gutenberg as opposed to the Classic Editor? Do you have an example?

    Many people do have an adverse reaction to change. Thanks for taking the time to help your clients and providing them with the knowledge they need to succeed!

    Once simple example: One site has a section for posting PDFs of meeting minutes. I use a separate plugin for handling those. Under the previous documentation, she simply created a new post, gave it a title, clicked the document area, clicked the icon to upload media, uploaded the PDF, and she was done.

    Under the new system (which I can’t replicate now to give you the exact steps because I installed “Classic Editor” on all my sites), it took three or four additional steps for her to even be able to get to the point where she could even upload a PDF, and that’s not including explain how she’d need to click in the exact right areas to even make the necessary buttons appear. And then, once she did, it ignored the tags of the PDF embedding plugin and just made download links for the PDFs instead of displaying them inline. I discarded everything I wrote, installed Classic Editor, and everything was back to easy, smooth, and working perfectly.

    Gutenberg should have remained an optional add-on for the handful of people who for whatever reason prefer editing documents in a way that is entirely counter-intuitive, cumbersome, and takes far more time. It should not have been forced on the masses who are perfectly happy with creating documents the simple and easy way that everyone has been familiar with for decades.

    @mapk seriously? Just look at the 5 stars/1 star review ratio for God’s sake. Stop lying to yourself and others and make fools out of users. Gutenberg is a hot mess, basically a Poor man’s Wix, and should have been advertised as such – as additional option for the people who are unwilling to larn basic algorithms when creating a web content. Even Facebook still keeps these classic algorithms for their page creation for God’s sake. This basic concept has been around since the internet’s inception, and there is a reason for it. Not everything in this world needs reinvention of the wheel. Hipster days are thankfully long gone and died in 2012 I believe, please do not carry it into 2020.

    The title of this review is the WINNING title.
    Took the words right out of my mouth.

    Couldn’t agree more. Zero stars for sure.

    I write it 26 days later: still ZERO stars for sure.
    Ridiculously bad piece of code written by ridiculously weak coders.

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