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  • Terrible software, things don’t work and whether you seek :

    Email support
    Forum support

    or Ticket support

    You get NO support. Don’t use it .

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  • Plugin Author jquindlen


    I’m confused. You’ve opened 5 support tickets and I’ve answered and resolved them all. Sure, I’m not perfect. I’m one guy trying to develop and support this software over the last 3 years, but it seems all I get is hate for my years of neverending overtime. I don’t make much, less than $1000 a month usually. I’m not giving up yet, but I’m starting to get really burnt out on all the hate. Starting to question what the point is of continuing this software. Thanks for the feedback 🙁

    No, There was no resolution on outstanding issues – they would be fixed when the new version was released and to be fair some where, BUT the new issues that the update created could not be resolved as the login for support tickets simply ceased to work ……….

    Plugin Author jquindlen


    I looked at all your tickets and all 5 are completely resolved. The newest one was about billing address capturing, and that was added in 3.0.3 as promised. Before that, it was a category doubling issue in the default theme, and that was also fixed. Before that, you had an issue with QBMS integration, and I released a patch which fixed it. Before that, there was an issue with page navigation, which I also patched. Before that, you had a ticket regarding products not appearing, and it turned out that the products hadn’t been published yet. Before that, on your very first support ticket, you had a CSS issue, which I helped resolve.

    So I’ve resolved all your support tickets. Sounds to me like I’ve provided excellent support, but I do appreciate how frustrating issues can be.

    If you’re having trouble accessing support tickets, my guess would be that you’re trying to login as a guest (email only) whereas you purchased as a registered user, so also must log in as a registered user. I can help you resolve the access issue if it continues.

    I don’t wish to get into a disagreement here, but there were issues that were not resolved before – that the upgrade seems to have fixed. At present my major problem is that add to cart seems to do nothing + no login seems to allow me to get the updated version of the QBMS plugin.

    I was happy enough with the support before as the issues that were not resolved were only inconvenient not disaster but since the upgrade the failure of the add to cart plus the inability to get support for it was frustrating for which I do apologize.

    If I can get the update and install it, it seems that may well fix the cart issue ?

    Plugin Author jquindlen


    The cart issue generally means that you need to add a checkout widget to your sidebar. wpStoreCart attempts to detect if you do not have a checkout widget, and if not, it attempts to create a hidden checkout form in the footer. It seems to me that the fail safe method isn’t working in your situation, so putting a checkout widget in your sidebar or footer will resolve your add to cart situation. I’ll take a look at the failsafe code to see why it’s not working in all cases, and if I can locate the issue, I’ll release a patch.

    I’ll send you the latest versions of all the plugins. You’ll have an email shortly with the updated modules.

    Let me know regarding support ticket access as well. That’s the best place to communicate with me.

    Files received. The sidebar widget is very nearly working but the checkout page has some formatting errors ?

    The login details previously supplied to you should still be current if you wish to look ?

    I should add the formatting error only presents if you are not logged in.

    Plugin Author jquindlen


    I logged in and took a look at your site and the checkout page. Unfortunately, I couldn’t view the site without being logged in because of maintenance mode being active. Perhaps a screenshot will be enough for me to figure out what your issue is?

    Thanks. I have emailed a screenshot already.

    Sorry – I’ve found more things that don’t work. I just don’t have time for this anymore and have deleted this plugin and moved on. I hope you get it working for others but I just can’t mess around with it anymore.

    Plugin Author jquindlen


    Alrighty, sorry to hear that. Would you mind listing the other things you may have found so that I can investigate them? Thanks.

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