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    I am still trying to get help setting up the finishing touches and changes on my blog.

    I am more than happy to post a forum thread (since that is my only option) but what do I do if no one responds or is willing to help???

    I guess I should have researched the Support strength of WordPress before I spent days on end getting everything running.

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  • Check out the WordPress Codex. It’s how I’ve learned (and am still learning) WordPress.

    Why don’t you try actually posting your question first? Be specific – what theme are you using, and what, exactly, are you trying to do? What isn’t working?




    tha first thing you DONT do is post the same question, more than once — that alienates us fairly quickly (as seems to be your current habit).

    If you cant find a post of yours on the forum here, then look in your profile. There is a link to it in the top RIGHT hand corner (in blue) on every forum page. Your profile lists all your posts, and having that available ought to prevent you from needing to re-post.

    second, if you arent happy with the support you get here for free, there are plenty of people that take $$ for individual support..

    Please remember that this forum is entirely based on volunteer responses from WordPress users just like you. No one is being paid. Sometimes questions go unanswered for a long time — or never get answered. If you are truly desperate, and can’t find the answers you need on Google, you can always consider hiring someone to help you.

    If you are looking for PHP, CSS or any other type of help The Developers Forums are great I find.

    Oh and bashing and complaining like a 4 year old won’t get you anywhere.


    Thanks for posting that link to the Developers’ Forum — I didn’t know about that forum, and it looks great.

    I am still trying to get help setting up the finishing touches and changes on my blog.

    this is part of the problem, to be frank.

    there are people here with more serious issues than just polishing the finishing touches. Nobody owes you answers. If you want to be a web designer so you can design your own website go learn about web design.

    Thanks everyone. I have been asking questions so I can learn how to do this…I don’t expect anyone to do it for me but I do expect support (in the support forum).

    I won’t ask anymore stupid questions trying to learn how to do this then you don’t have to treat me like I am a huge pain in the ass.




    I honestly didnt expect this turn onto a ‘piling on’ when I responded. I just looked at your prior posts to see if any could be easily answered my me, and noticed the dupes (hence my remarks here) — If you didnt notice, I replied to one, not long after replying here:

    but I do expect support (in the support forum)

    by what logic?

    You think that because this place exists to foster a supportive environment, that this means that the people who volunteer here are subject to your expectations?

    Instead of expecting support and throwing a minor tantrum if you don’t get any, consider instead being grateful IF you get anything at all. Whining because I(we?) are not falling over ourselves to help you with your little website isn’t particularly attractive.

    *all* the threads in your profile are ones you’ve started. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the support you’re getting, consider hanging around and improving it by using some of what you’ve learned to answer the more basic questions that are asked here 100 times a day.

    Spend a day helping, then talk to me about expectations and the quality of the wordpress community.

    Squawking like a hungry chicklet and getting upset when people don’t drop everything to help you isn’t going to get you the right kind of attention.

    Check my threads if you’re looking to impeach. I think I’ve started 4 in total (2 of which I’ve cheerfully answered myself).

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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