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    Hi guys and girls,

    I am trying to set up a function for a theme options panel to look up the version on a remote site to determine whether a new version is available.

    I tried simply calling the get_theme_data function but quickly discovered that if the file doesn’t exist (e.g. if the remote site is down) it returns every page in the local site as error 500 – internal server error.

    My solution was to use this code:

    $remote_version_url = '';
    if ( file_exists($remote_version_url) ) {
    	$remote_theme_data = get_theme_data($remote_version_url);
    	$remote_version = $remote_theme_data['Version'];
    } else {
    	$remote_version = "0"; // ensures that update message is not shown

    to ensure that the file is looked up before processing the data, but the file always shows as not found (even though it exists).

    Have I missed something obvious or is there an error with the code?

    Many thanks for any help!


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  • Figured it out – replaced:

    if ( file_exists($remote_version_url) ) {


    if (@fopen($remote_version_url, "r")) { //@ hides error message if file not found / available

    since you can’t use file_exists for remote servers…

    I wanted to do an “unlink()” (delete a file), so while “@fopen” worked for the “file_exists()” function, it didn’t for “unlink()” because of the absolute path.

    After messing around for quite some time, I found a solution. Even if it’s a small tip, I took the time to write a little “tutorial” about it on my Blog.

    Here it is:

    Have you ever wanted to use the file_exists function inside of WordPress? For example, last night I wanted to delete a file that was at the third level of my folders’ tree (/public_html/wordpress/imagefolder) from a custom PHP page in my WP theme’s folder.

    Sounds easy, right? If you know a little about relative and absolute paths inside of WordPress, you’d write : ../imagefolder/image.jpg (where “..” represents “wordpress” if you did a standard install).

    Putting “../imagefolder /image.jpg” in the SRC attribute of an IMG tag would work perfectly. So with that logic, would file_exists(“../imagefolder /image.jpg”) also work (inside WordPress)? Don’t ask me why, but no.

    After testing a bunch of different functions and looking on how to change file permissions on WordPress for a long period of time, I found the solution and it was surprisingly easy.

    Instead of putting 2 periods before the file path, put only 1. Like so:


    Now you can check if a file exists and/or unlink() it from anywhere.

    Hope this helps and saves you time.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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