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  • I appreciate the reason for requiring the key and daresay the publicity it draws to your site means an increase in sales for the paid stuff. That is fine. I don’t mind giving an email address really as that seems totally fair. However for the effort of typing in a fake address, name and number… I’m sure I could have just gone and found a different plugin. I daresay you lose a lot of downloads that way.

    Again an email address is fine and makes sense to gather for the purposes of a mailing list… but what exactly do you want with a huge heaving pile of fake postal addresses? To be honest I just find it amusing that all the one star ratings are complaining about having to give you their details… they must be the most honest people in the world.

    Also the key is just nonsense it seems and any old rubbish will work provided it maintains the same formatting. I understand the reasoning for all this but I am sure there are means of advertising your paid plugins which are not so detrimental.

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