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    Hi there,

    I gave 5 starts straight away I saw this plugin and installed, forgot to test a bit around ;-p

    Anyway, I am having strange issue with IE8 and most likely IE9 will be similar, unable to test on IE9 atm though.

    I’m working on Genesis framework using latest updates child theme with HTML5 markup activated on it, but don’t think this causes the issue.

    The problem in IE8 is that as soon as I place the shortcode anywhere on the website, my header logo is gone (even from the code – no freaking idea how is that possible), there’s huge messup after switching to any of the languages as well and there’s some output (from probably Google Translator?) in the footer.

    If you would have possibility to see what I mean using IE8, here’s the link –

    Don’t mind anything in there, the work is just starting off so not much to look for but I need something that would translate the website for few languages and this plugin fits just nicely! If there wouldn’t be an issue with IE8 🙁

    Awaiting some tip/solution.

    Kind Regards

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  • hello rm2773

    Thanks for your update

    I ‘ve test it on IE8, it’s works fine. But with IE9, Not : the header have a wide space add, the flag are not show and there is a wide space at a bottom of the site with a text

    Original text
    Contribute a better translation


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick



    Thanks for that Firefox error you provided. Very helpful.

    Would you mind downloading the most recent version (2.7) and letting me know if anything changes for you. I have actually changed the way flags are displayed in this version, so there might be improvement.



    an another bug in IE9, in the front page the doted button of the slider are change to list dote which is an arrow


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi SITEWEB44, thanks for the update. I’m going to look now…..

    Alright ! Works perfectly now.

    Thanks for the quick fix. Great plugin !

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi SITEWEB44, I just used Browserstack to look at your website in IE9 environment. It appears to be looking good. I do not see any issues with your slider dots.

    It does look like your other issues are fixed now, with the update.

    Also, please view the screenshots here and then test it live by clicking the little computer screen icon above each screenshot.

    Let me know if this helps any…..please report your findings back here.

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    mprotic, that is music to my ears. Thanks for reporting back here.


    just for info, the bug in IE was on vista


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Thanks SITEWEB44, I believe my mother has this Operating System on her machine….haha. I will try and use her computer to get a good look at this. Hold tight

    Hi there, rm2773

    Yea, used Transposh, and works just fine on anything.

    As to what version is that… vierdly enough I took it normal way from wordpress, which has some limited functionality, but then there’s a setting in options to enable updates of this plugin from its source website, after doing so I got fully working stuff without paying for anything, so not sure if there even is a paid version at the moment, or maybe there is and it offers even more customisation, but anyway what I got now suits my needs fully.

    As to testing, I’ll stick to what’s there atm, wasted too much time fixing some other stuff, and the site will need to go live soon~ish.

    I’ll be sure to test your plugin again soon enough on something else though!

    Thanks for looking after this all. All the best!

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi junger, would you be able to provide a link to your website, so that I could view the issue in IE8? then I will see if I can find issues. Also, I just updated the plugin to version 2.7, which took care of some major display issues.

    Let me know if you still need help.

    Thanks, Rob

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi SITEWEB44,

    I finally was able to get a screenshot from another computer using Windows Vista with Internet Explorer 9.

    It appears all is looking great, even after changing languages. Can you report back and let us know if you still get display issues? I’m sorry if so, it’s really tough when each user has unique computers running different software. I hope your problems are fixed!

    Here’s the link:

    Hi Rob

    I just test in IE9 on vista and IE8 on xp

    Everything is fine before and after changing language

    thank you for your help and work


    there is something strange, i use the plugin visitor map and i see in the stats many time this url (about 30% visit)


    but there is no modules folder, i think it’s in joomla…this happens only since the last update of the plugin Google Language Translator

    anyone have an idea


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi Phil, I know what this is. There is reference to a background image in the plugin’s CSS file. I forgot to remove that, which is why the url is showing.

    So go to Settings > Google Language Translator, then click edit. Then find the css folder for the plugin and remove any references you see to that image.

    I’ll remove this file reference in the next update.

    Thanks so much for reply back! Rob

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