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    Hi there,

    I gave 5 starts straight away I saw this plugin and installed, forgot to test a bit around ;-p

    Anyway, I am having strange issue with IE8 and most likely IE9 will be similar, unable to test on IE9 atm though.

    I’m working on Genesis framework using latest updates child theme with HTML5 markup activated on it, but don’t think this causes the issue.

    The problem in IE8 is that as soon as I place the shortcode anywhere on the website, my header logo is gone (even from the code – no freaking idea how is that possible), there’s huge messup after switching to any of the languages as well and there’s some output (from probably Google Translator?) in the footer.

    If you would have possibility to see what I mean using IE8, here’s the link –

    Don’t mind anything in there, the work is just starting off so not much to look for but I need something that would translate the website for few languages and this plugin fits just nicely! If there wouldn’t be an issue with IE8 🙁

    Awaiting some tip/solution.

    Kind Regards

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  • Actually, an update, it doesn’t work at all on mentioned website project of mine o.O

    Besides missing header logo, ans stuff being outputted in footer, switching languages does nothing.

    Another update, when you check this plugin’s website in IE8 at

    Google Language Translator

    You will notice that it’s outputting footer stuff and makes a spaced out header as well when changing language, but at least it switches languages, not like in my case 🙁

    I believe this is a piece of code that produces error in IE8 (IE9, also fails, other browsers manage to handle the error without messing up the page completely).

    Output from Firefox Error console:

    Timestamp: 10.10.2013 16:02:05
    Warning: Selector expected. Ruleset ignored due to bad selector.
    Source File:
    Line: 64, Column: 80
    Source Code:
    #flags a { display:inline-block; width:16px; height:12px; margin-left:2px; } ?>

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    I ‘ve got the same issue as Kramarz with IE8 (XP) and IE9 (vista)

    missing header logo, ans stuff being outputted in footer,

    works fine with chrome and firefox
    But the translation works in IE8

    the site is

    Need to find soemthing else for my needs, this plugin just isn’t working 🙁 Gave 5 stars to fast.

    I think it’s IE THE PROBLEM

    OFC IT IS! 🙂

    But since it’s being used by a lot of people unfortunately, gotta take that in consideration.

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi everyone, I just returned from being out of town….I’m now going to look into this – I believe there might be some errors with duplicate code for the flag CSS display, which just happened to cause some IE8 issues.

    I may just fix this with a new update, but I will be in touch here soon.

    Thanks, Rob

    Would be awesome, thanks mate.

    Thanks rm2773

    I got another issue, besides my header logo being gone with plugin being active for whatever reason, can’t find out why, it’s also conflicting with lightbox script somehow in IE8, the images instead of poping out in a lightbox are being showed in that down-below footer space…

    Had to uninstall plugin, too many no-no’s 🙁

    All the best with making it work, but for as long as it is breaking a lot of stuff in alikes of IE8, it’s unusable.

    I’ve got this issue, too, in IE 8.

    On the footer of my page, this random text is showing …

    Original text
    Contribute a better translation

    The translator bar also shows up after you translate something — but really weirdly.

    See before (working):

    See after (not working):

    Oh, that reminds me that I even didn’t get any flags like others do!


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Kramarz, I’m sorry it didn’t work out – there were some glitches in my coding which probably caused some issues. I updated the plugin about an hour ago (to version 2.7), although I’m not sure if that would have fixed all of your problems. I am confident that my most recent version is more stable compared to version 2.6.

    Many of the issues I have found on others’ sites are that certain HTML attributes are being translated in the header, which breaks CSS styles in many cases. This is one possibility, although it may not be the problem at all.

    Also I see you used Transposh, which is a great solution. I probably need to add user-friendly url’s to my plugin, which would really make it better. That method of translation may even solve display issues that you have experienced.

    Are you having any IE8 issues using their plugin? Please update us here….


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Kramarz, I would like to test the plugin on your site if you would be willing…..I want to see what is causing this crazy issue. Let me know if that would be possible.


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