1. missstyles
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have recently switched this onto a live domain after having the plug in up and running on a test domain previously where all was working perfectly.

    Plug in default details have been reset, My client updated all plugins and wordpress I thought this may have been what was causing the issue - however on restoring it to the older plug in version 3.4.3 which I was using on the test domain this has not solved the problem.

    The primary issue is that some of the icons do not load and the information in the table underneath displays as 'Sorry we have no imagery here'. I'm unsure as to why some of the icons show and some do not as there are only 2 icons being used.

    This seems to be isolated to IE8 and possibly under as is showing fine for me in IE9, Firefox, Chrome etc, however unfortunately the customer uses IE8.

    URL : http://goo.gl/jrEQY

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  2. RobertHarm
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #


    sorry, missed your post yesterday.

    The problem seems to be the marker shadow url, which gets saved to database on first install. When moving your installation, normally a warning appears if the shadow image cannot be retrieved. In your case, the shadow url is set to http://www.crearewebsites.co.uk/will/premier/plant-news/wp-content/plugins/leaflet-maps-marker/leaflet-dist/images/marker-shadow.png - which doesnt throw an error so no warning is displayed.

    Please navigate to Settings / Map Defaults / Default values for marker icons and set "Shadow URL" to http://www.premierplanters.co.uk/plant-news/wp-content/plugins/leaflet-maps-marker/leaflet-dist/images/marker-shadow.png - this should fix your IE8-issue.


    PS: as I give support for free, I'd appreciate your review at http://wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/leaflet-maps-marker

  3. missstyles
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Robert, Thanks for your help, I've left a review in around December time, but thank you for your support!

  4. RobertHarm
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    ups - sorry & thanks again for your review ;-)

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