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    I have the paid version of Soliloquy. I first off want to say it’s a beautiful, flexible and easy to configure slider, keep up the good work! However, I’m having issues with it in Internet Explorer 8. In IE8 only, the images in the slider do not load, it’s like they’re broken links. The navigation dots load, and actually cycle, but the images do not load into the slider. What I get is the missing image link icon, the little rectangle with the broken image symbol in it.

    The site I’m working on is http://www.jamahost.com/makeithappen.


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    Can you provide me with a page where there is a slider on it so I can help debug?

    http://www.jamahost.com/makeithappen – I must have been mucking around in the site just a short while ago, but the slider is active now.

    I also placed it in a page – http://www.jamahost.com/makeithappen/page-1 – it makes no difference.

    In IE9, the first slide ONLY loads, then the slider disappears but the navigation dots remain and still cycle.

    I disabled all plugins and switched to Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve and the problem persists.

    Hi, mlgsings. I am experiencing the same issue. I’ve tested in IE7 and it seems to work fine which surprised me after looking at IE8.

    I just started testing and I will update with anything I find.

    Thanks for looking into this, Thomas!

    Plugin Author Thomas Griffin


    mlgsings – I have looked at the site in IE7, 8 and 9 and the issues appears to be resolved.

    jrelgin – I’m resolving this thread, but if your issue still persists, open a new thread and I will address it.

    If you dig Soliloquy, a 5-star rating would rock!

    I’m sorry but the slider still doesn’t work at all in IE8, Windows XP. Multiple PC’s, multiple WordPress installs, different themes, plugins enabled or all disabled. It’s now working in IE9/Vista for me but have gotten report that it doesn’t work with IE9/Win7.

    I figured it out. It was the images themselves. I was using the same 4 images to make my test sliders and they were saved improperly. They were derived from CYMK and I didn’t catch that and had to resave them as RGB and reupload them. Problem solved. Now I know to just use the “Save for Web & Other Devices” in Photoshop. I feel really dumb, as I pulled my hair out for days over this.

    hi mlgsings i have the same issue how you can fixed this ? . i have HTML slider with j query , on others browser like Firefox , Google crome its working fine but on IE8 images are not loading and slider is not working fine so please help me thanks in advance . this is the site link:

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