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  • I’m posting this in the hope that it saves somebody the time I lost.

    OS: Windows
    BROWSER: IE8 (and possibly other IE versions)
    WORDPRESS: Version 3.2.X
    THEME: TwentyEleven

    PROBLEM: IE8 would not show images in a table on a Static Page. The table was set to an exact width that worked in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, but not IE8. This was TABLE, TR, TD style table code that I pasted in by hand.

    SOLUTION: Through the process of elimination, I determined that the issue could be fixed by tweaking the TwentyEleven CSS file. I placed the fixed code in the CHILD THEME CSS File

    Orignal Code from TwentyEleven styles.css:

    .entry-content img,
    .comment-content img,
    .widget img {
    	max-width: 97.5%; /* Fluid images for posts, comments, and widgets */

    Fixed Code placed in child theme styles.css:

    .entry-content img {
    	max-width: none; /* Fluid images for posts, comments, and widgets */

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