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  • I’ve been very happy with Section Widget so far, but I’m baffled as to what’s causing it to behave so weirdly in IE8.

    Main page here:

    Secondary page here:

    Everything tests fine in Firefox, Safari, and IE7. IE8 displays the main page fine, but all secondary pages are showing the last four of the right-sidebar widgets in the left-sidebar, minus much of their styling. The left-sidebar widgets seem to disappear.

    I should note that I am controlling only custom widgets with Section Widget; I have a few standard widgets (Links, Twitter, Archive) that are not using the plug-in. The display problem is affecting both types of widgets.

    When I deactivate the Section Widget plug-in, everything displays properly.

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  • Moderator Mark Ratledge


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    Have you updated the plugin? There are lots of reports in the forums of bad display under IE for that plugin.

    Also, you’ve got some garbage code that needs to be removed as it is preventing your site from running the W3C code validaton, which will help find and fix the IE problem. Some comments and commented out code get included in your header.php by this line:

    <?php include_once (TEMPLATEPATH."/_counters_header.php"); ?>

    _counters_header.php does nothing, so delete the line above in your header.php.

    Thanks for your reply! I am running the most recent version of the plugin.

    I have done more testing and the error is on my end, in one of the widgets — it’s messing up every page it’s on. I’m pretty sure I can figure it out from here. (:

    Thanks for the info about the garbage code! I’ll definitely remove that line.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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