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    i have a problem with flybox, on chrome, safari, ff, opera everything is ok, but on IE (8-10) tab (i have only fb) onmouseover doesn’t show me a window with fb stream, nothing happens 🙁 i’ve disabled jquery in plugin.

    i have the latest version of flybox, and WP 3.5

    please help me 🙂

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  • Plugin Author cconoly


    If you are seeing a blank white when you open the tab it is probably because you have an IE addon installed or set your cookies to strict or some other addon or setting that disables facebook from being able to use cookies or tack you. I had the same problem with a Firefox plugin called Facebook Disconnect. Once I disabled it and cleared my cookies and cache everything worked fine. Can you try viewing it from another computer with IE 8-10 or send me the link to your website so I can try it in a fresh version of IE 8-10? Thanks

    i have clean IE with default settings, i use it only for tests. the problem is that, when i move cursor on tab, box with fb stream doesn’t moves into the screen. i’ve tested it on 3 computers with IE.

    Plugin Author cconoly


    It is probably something to do with your theme. What theme are you using?


    Plugin Author cconoly


    I installed thematic on a couple of my sites and a fresh install of wp flybox and had no problems in IE 8 or 9. It may be one of your plugins causing a problem. If you have wp-flybox showing on your site now, then you can send me your site address and I can look at it specifically.


    Are you using a child theme?

    What version of Thematic is installed?


    1 / no
    2 / version


    site is under construction, i will send you address via email


    Plugin Author cconoly


    ojsajd ok if you cant find my email you can send it via

    i sent it via contact form on your site

    Plugin Author cconoly


    I got it, thanks.

    There is a fatal error in your theme js. It is in file custom_menu.js, located at:

    The javascript logs the position of the facebook tab to the browser’s console. Since IE does not have a console, the browser returns an error and does not execute the command after that which is to show the tab.

    To Fix it, edit the file and comment out (with the //) lines 150, 154, 161, 164 where it says:

    I can see the author of the theme or that script commented out all the other console commands but probably forgot about this one.

    This should fix the problem, but if it does not let me know of course!

    That script is not included with Thematic and it should not be added to Thematic’s directory structure since it will likely be overwritten next When Thematic is updated.

    If you’re going to build off of Thematic you should create a child theme and not edit Thematic’s files or include your custom scripts from Thematic’s directories.

    Plugin Author cconoly


    ofsajd, did you create that script or get it from somewhere else. And I agree it should not be in the thematic directory structure.

    Plugin Author cconoly


    I found the same problem in the file custom_landing.js, located at:

    This could also be causing the problem. Try commenting out your console commands in all your custom javascript files.


    i did it but still doesn’t work, also i removed all of the code in these files without positive result 🙁

    Plugin Author cconoly


    I found the problem. Either you edited an id in your themes default.css or the theme edited it. The edited style is:

    div.wpfb-facebook {
        margin-top: 100px;
        right: -330px !important;

    Since it has !important, when you hover, the style cannot change to right:0px; because the important is keeping it set at 330px. So you would need to delete this in your theme’s default.css

    If you want the style to be 330px instead of 328px by default then you would need to edit wp-content/plugins/wp-flybox/includes/css.php and change line 140 which has the array that contains the default widths.

          1 => '292', //facebook

    would need to change to

          1 => '294', //facebook

    Increasing the default width by 2px is basically doing the same thing you or your theme is doing without having it stuck with !important.

    Please try this and let me know whether or not it worked for you.

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