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  • I don’t think this is a WordPress issue – more of a CSS copatibility issue with IE7 or older. However I need someone to explain the issue and more importantly how I can fix this.

    I have a web site ( where everything displays fine in IE8+, Firefox, Chrome etc, but IE7 displays the menu vertically instead of horizontally. I am using a modified version of the Twenty Ten theme and changed things like padding, margins etc in the header.

    Now I have compared the original files to the modified ones and I can identify the changes – however its impractical to test each change to see if it affects the display.

    I have also seen this issue mentioned in other threads but I have not found a satisfactory fis or explanation – can anyone hemp me pin this down?

    Also HTML validation may help but again I doubt if that is the issue.

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    What I would do if I were you? Replace the menu code & CSS with the original Twenty Ten version, then start making changes one by one to get it looking back how you want it. In between each change, test in IE7 to make sure nothing goes wonky.

    Your menu is pretty simple so it really shouldn’t take too long.

    You have a good point – however I started with a fresh Twenty Ten theme and simply added menus without changing any CSS – I saw the problem immediately.

    So it looks like a CSS issue with the theme and not my changes. I’ll try to ask the theme author if there are any fixes – if so I will post them here.

    Ha – the theme author is wordpressdotorg!

    So the author cannot be contacted directly – because the wordpress ‘contact us’ page says to use the forums. However if the forum does not recognise or sddress this particular theme issue – then what can I do??

    You are not using an unmodified Twenty Ten theme.

    Well, yes & no – in this test the only modification was to header.php & functions.php, where I added relevant lines to register additional nav menus – 6 in total.

    I then created the menus and pages in the dashboard.

    Perhaps I should clarify.

    This is a modified twenty ten theme –

    This is unmodified, except to enable multiple navigation menus –

    BOTH show the menu issue.

    This is unmodified, except to enable multiple navigation menus

    Which is still a modification. Don’t edit the Twenty Ten theme. Instead create a child theme for your customisations. Once your child theme is active, we should be able to help with the customisation.

    I think your answer is a cop out. IF there is something specific that the child theme will fix in the CSS then please say so but I think this is highly unlikely.

    Well, put it this way, an unmodified version of Twenty Ten does not display the horizontal menu vertically for me when tested in IE7.

    do you have an example site?

    Not using Twenty Ten. I run a couple of private development servers.

    I am having this issue now.

    Every time I attempt to update my menu I’m getting an error message saying the connection has timed out. It hasn’t! My Firewall is off, it seems everything is fine but it won’t save EVER.

    This is seriously impacting my business site and I have to clear it up. It’s been 5 days of the same thing. Is there a bug?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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