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  • I am webmaster for and have just set up wordpress on our church site so our pastor can use it.

    Because our hosting package at the church doesn’t have mysql databases I run wordpress off one of my sites and put it into an iframe on the church site. All looks great.

    I tested it all out with Firefox and Opera (PC versions) I could login, post etc without any problems. I hand it over and first thing is our pastor can not login. I was scratching my head then thought Internet Explorer.

    Sure enough that’s the problem, when I try to login using IE7 all that happens is that the login box gets refreshed and nothing else appears to happen.

    Do the same in Firefox and Opera and everything works just how you would expect.

    Am I the only person to have tried WordPress in an iframe?

    BTW the workaround is to go direct to the site where wordpress is hosted then login there using IE7, then it works.

    Just one more MS problem 🙁

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  • I’m having the same issue. Have you found out why i.e. does this? It also does it for other logins that I have through iframes in ie.

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