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    Hello @myatu,

    Please see my blog page here in IE7 and IE8 –

    After updating to version 1.2, I noticed that my blog page (on many occasions) is getting NO (white) background especially on 1st load (after clearing cache). I know I have a lot of large images there in my slideshows that can keep the server busy, but this did not happen before.

    I also noticed that many times IE7 & IE8 will load background it on 2nd visit onwards because my slideshow images can be cached by the browser clearing up the traffic to the server but this does not always happen reliably.

    Sometimes, Even after loading a background, on IE7 & IE8, when the slideshow advances, the next slide/image does not show and all I see is a “white” NO Background even though my background color is set to #808080. My slideshow interval is 60 seconds.

    I’m wondering if you have tweaked the timouts since last release, becuase this did not happen before. Also, IE9 on same exact PC does not exhibit these problems, suggesting to me that IE7 & IE8 are slower broswers and certainly need more time to load things even though the server is free.

    Would you be able to look at my blog page above and run IE9 in IE7 & IE8 modes (after clearing cache) to see if you can notice what I see.

    Your help in solving this is greatly appreciated.


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    This could be an issue of CSS priorities and mixed use of “media” types. You have a background colour defined 5 times: grey (#808080), black, black, #E3D5A7, white (as well as ‘transparent’ in the first stylesheet).

    Hello @myatu, Thanks for getting back to me. I’m not sure what you describe is the issue because it worked before the update to 1.2

    Just so we can see the problem in isolation, I have an independent installation of WordPress (a SandBox site) where right now all I have is nothing besides basic WordPress with TwentyEleven Theme and my main plugin for Slideshows. You will notice that I see the same problem on IE7 and IE8 without anything else involved to cause multiple CSS “media” types.

    I’m suspecting timeout issue here because the WHITE/NO background happes when my page is showing my images along with the ones for BGM. Try the sand-box site below, the “blog” page has slideshows, the “home” page does not and you will notice that on IE7 & IE8 the home “page” gets the background but the “blog” page shows white (even though I’ve set background color as #808080 – but should should be seeing an Image by BGM not a whiteout)

    See here –

    Plugin Author myatu



    Try the downloading and installing the Development Version (See ), which should address the problem you are experiencing.

    Note that to install this, you first need to de-activate end remove the current installed Background Manager plugin. This will reset your main settings, ie. how to show the background, but your Image Sets will remain unaffected.

    Let me know how this worked for you.

    Hey @myatu,

    I installed the Developer Version on my sand-box site ( and yes NOW I do NOT see a WHITEOUT anymore. Can you take a look and verify that the problem is gone?

    What did you change? How soon can this fix be patched in a dot release? Should I install it on my public site? Will the dev-version get auto-updated (with settings saved) once you release a new version?


    Plugin Author myatu



    It was a regression bug introduced with 1.2, with regards to previous problems detecting when an image has finished downloading vs. cached images – it was missing an exit routine for the various methods browsers utilise.

    I’ll get the fix pushed out later today. The development version will always state that there’s a newer update available (due to WordPress’ handling of version numbers), so in that case you’d have to check here if there’s been an update indeed.

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