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  • My new theme is working correctly in most browsers, including FF. But not IE7. IE7 adds a scroll bar at the top right of the theme and displaces two of the ad spaces that should be there. I don’t know how to fix this.

    Would someone please take a look and help me. Thank You!


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  • you have some css work to do….

    you opened a div id in a div id called sponsor and image list respectfully, but you can’t rely on a li or ul defined to another #div and expect it will function across every browser… so……

    maybe you can define those attributes for those #’s, or maybe just whack the block element which bothers me for some reason, not saying that is the culprit, but it may be…

    I wished there were a plug-in for ie7 like there is for ff, the developer tool is handy for things like this!

    I haven’t tried any of these, but I probably will, for these kind of issues.

    Unforunately I’m on my non-IE7 machine at the moment, so I can’t have a look at the issue in question… sorry..

    Moderator kmessinger


    You have some errors in code which will cause your problem.
    You have several tags with UL which is not allowed. Probably an open UL.

    Go to and check your code. Once corrected then see how it does.

    BTW, adding a scroll bar would mean something is wider than your css says it should be. Maybe the width of the ads are too much.

    actually it ‘stacked’ his advert boxes one on top of the other…. but only in ie7 as he said…

    instead of having 2×2, they are 1×4…. the scroll is vertical…

    I am still thinking block level issues, maybe inline-block would do? or maybe just whack the display all together and see how it behaves….

    I’ll try your suggestions and let you know what worked. Thanks very much for your help.


    have you tried taking the images out of the


    Dear Nice Supportive People: Thank you all. However, permit me to correct a couple of inaccurate assumptions.

    First, I’m a she, not a he. Second, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m working hard to learn and know more.

    Whistler2020, I would love to try taking the images out … if only I knew how.

    kmessinger, I did the Markup Validation Service. I was pretty much stopped in my tracks when it returned *This page is NOT Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!* and spanked me like a naughty girl for being presumptuous enough to submit my inferior work to their evaluation site. Maybe I misunderstood …

    drewactual, I so appreciate you helping me. Unfortunately the sheer magnitude of my coding ignorance rendered your advice a big fat whoosh. It went completely over my head.

    I need to get this issue resolved! I need my site to show on IE7. If you have any advice for the slightly code-retarded, please share it. If not, I hope you found this amusing. Thanks everyone!


    Moderator kmessinger


    Your code has errors. You have code that is not allowed within ULs, within your ULs.

    The validation service, if you scroll down, will tell you where most of your errors are so you can fix them. Errors are cascading in that one error may cause subsequent errors.

    Once the code is clean you can turn attention to css. I suspect you have problems there also (you can also validate css) which contribute to your problem. 99% of the problems with a sidebar pushing things up, down or all around, are caused by something being too wide somewhere.

    No php should have to be altered unless something is incorrect with your theme. It is all controlled by limited coding and maximum use of css which is your theme’s style sheet.

    If you don’t know how to correct code or modify css (at least using trial and error) then you will probably need to find someone local to help you.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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