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IE7 Beta CSS impact

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  • Oh this is great! Just when ya thought you could find and make WP hacks for WP to work in FF and IE the same…IE still gets even more shitter then it already was to begin with…this is wonderful!…


    Why can’t they just make something worth while for once….Jesus Christ!

    First, I’m no Micro$oft apologist, but it’s a move in the right direction. Beta2 is supposed to address many of the known bugs in IE. The reason they released beta 2 public, is for designers/developers to test their sites that are standards compliant with IE hacks to see if they need to back out any of those hacks.
    Which would you prefer, a beta you can test your site on, or having to wait for the official release when everyone and their grandma downloads it via the auto-update and surfs to your site and sees it broken?

    Downloading it now, but the thought of anything “MicroShit” is still going through the mind…sorry. LOL!!


    And yes! I’d like to be able to view my stuff in the beta before the actual release.. Just not sure about it, because MicroShit is and well, will basically continue to be shit.. UNLESS this BETA will prove me wrong!… Unless that is!!

    spencerp, in the company of my peers I can curse like the proverbial sailor, but in a public forum where all walks of life, society, and the globe venture, perhaps a more “toned down” vernacular would be appropriate. There are many, many clever ways to knock big ol’ Microsoft with out such gutter slang. Just my 2ยข.

    Thanks for the 2cent miklb, maybe that can go for more extensive repairs to the microshit’s operations and pay checks of the microshit’s workers…so they can make much better microshit later…


    No offense miklb, but ya can’t change me, I know I can be a prick and swear unnecessarily and randomly..but that’s just me expressing my feelings. Nothing against you..

    Anyways!! Download’s done…I’m going to try it once.. =)


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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