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  • I’m sure its easy to fix, but the home page of WordPress has the main content text vanish, after about 1 second of being there.

    I’m using the IE beta 2, and don’t know if anyone else has this problem.

    I’ve hit a few problems on other sites, not just WordPress.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Until IE7 is finally released, nothing will get fixed.
    Because if it was, then IE changes ….

    are you using the latest ie 7 build? Some of the older ones had absolutely crap layout engines, but the newer builds are actually pretty decent

    I’ve noticed some weird display issues at both the WP support forums and in the codex (especially the edit boxes), even using IE 6.0.

    I uninstalled 7.0b a couple of weeks ago, even though MS has really gone a long way to add complete support for w3c standards, etc. right now there are LOTS of quirks, I did a bunch of development for a client about a month ago and was using that as my browser, needless to say, the css was a mess in EVERY other browser, including IE 6, so until they get the rendering quirks resolved I wouldn’t reccomend using IE 7.0 on your main machine, and only using it on a separate box and for testing only right now.

    I really like it, especially the tabs, etc. but I’m not going near it ’till i’m sure standards support is working correctly.

    As for the wp site and codex, I’m just using firefox right now, instead of dealing with the quirks in IE 6 i’ve been noticing.

    i use IE7 build 7.0.5346.5 (as a secondary browser) ..its Ok ..does (as always) have page rendering problems ..seems it also limits how many pages (tabs) you can save in session or maybe thats as home page(s) ..i think its 10 or 12 ..just got WMP11 Beta today… whoop-i-de whoop-i-da … *yawns* iTunes still has a much better library for music and podcast. (strange things happening at winamp)

    FireFox is still my main ride…



    I just installed the final release of IE7. I notice that my WordPress posts are rendered with indented paragraphs, except for the first paragraph and the first paragraph after a blockquote.

    I haven’t seen this on other weblogs, so I wonder if it is a WordPress/IE7 interaction thing.



    it’s pretty nice so far , i somehow ended up liking it, probably some subliminals messages i the tabs!, well jokes aside

    so, i was thinking if it has anything to do with the navagation bar, it only hides after you starts moving the mouse to the links.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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