• Hey all,

    I’m a student who made a website for a local band (www.thegoodfellasband.co.uk), using WordPress. It’s got some good feedback.

    Today the lead singer ‘phoned to tell me that he updated his browser (the dreaded Internet Explorer) and it’s messed everything up.

    Do any of you know any good websites that have scripts or something to fix the problem? I’ve been on to w3c and validated my code. There’s only 2 problems and that’s with a marquee and hidden hitcounter running along the top! So, in theory, everything should work fine.

    I’m stumped. Why do Microsoft have to go and ruin things?


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  • You can try using a new theme to let them make it IE7 compatible. Then you have to redesign for the band’s site, but you get a new design with ho debugging! I figure a redesign should be done within an hour (try to charge them for it since they will definitely see a new addition) while I figure the debugging could take hours upon hours, depending on your skill. I hate IE…good luck!

    oh yeah, the code validation doesn’t matter with IE, since they always break the rules. Try playing with widths (a width 1 pixel too wide might be pushing the div down). The first thing I’d do is knock 100px off the right and center divs to see if that minimal size would fix it, and then expand to the IE7 limit. Or try expanding the width of the page.

    My site http://gholt.com/ got all messed from IE7 due to the widths and floating divs. I had to remove the third column and move it to the left to fix it without modifying the template (note it’s a mambo site).

    thanks gavinholt! i’ve messed around with the div width but it doesnt seem to do any good. i reduced the left div by 100 and the sidebar contents still lay at the bottom of the page. it’s fine in every other browser i work with. i’ve included the css (below). would you mind looking at it to see where im going wrong?

    [moderated: Code snipped. Please use a pastebin service such as http://wordpress.pastebin.ca/ for large chunks of code. Thank you]

    here’s the link to css…


    You can try floating your divs to start (i dunno if that will help though). The .menu width:100%; looks fishy, since 100% might be the width of the page. Try a fixed px width

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