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  • Friends,

    I know this has come up many times. I think I’ve read all of the discussions, followed all of the suggestions. But I’m still missing something.

    Firefox renders the page beautifully, but IE6, because the boys in Redmond refuse to conform to CSS standards of the rest of the universe, pushes my sidebar content down below the posts.

    My blog is at I’ve artifically colored the background of posts green, and of sidebar red to demonstrate the issue. There is really a white and gray background image (ala Kubrick) that the green and red are, for now, overwriting.

    I’ve been playing with the spacing, and as you can see with the green and red backgrounds, they are far from overlapping. I’ve tried some suggested javascript that is supposed to whip IE’s rendering into shape. I’ve downloaded a plugin to break up long urls that IE mishandles by expanding the box. All to no avail.

    One thing I notice, I don’t know if related, but those green and red boxes are both shifted shifted to the left about one pixel. The green lies outside of the underlying white on the left side; and the red lets some of the underlying gray show through on the right side.

    Can anyone can look at this an tell me what I’ve missed, or does anyone has any new workarounds? Thanks.

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  • Hey, I solved my problem. Just to be sure it wasn’t URLs that were too long, or anything else that IE interpreted as too long, I took out all the content, and the coding that generated the content, in my posts and sidebar, so they rendered completely void of text. And IE STILL pushed the sidebar below the posts. (I know this because I had back-colored the posts and sidebar for testing.) So it’s looking like a pure spacing issue.

    I expanded my page width, and the sidebar popped into place. Again, looking like a pure spacing issue. Returned to the original page width and started shaving pixels off of the narrowcolumn and the sidebar, and the sidebar popped into place.

    Summary: In Firefox, narrowcolumn width of 600px + sidebar width of 200px = page width of 800px. But in IE, narrowcolumn width of 560px + sidebar width of 197px = page width of 800px. Must be MS Math.

    Obviously, if I were relying on background-colors for my posts and sidebar, these colors would not now quite cover the area they’re supposed to. But, like Kubric, I used an image to achieve the background-colors, and removed all background-color from my post and sidebar CSS settings.

    I hope this helps others dealing with this problem.

    the box model in IE6 is really screwed up. I use Install that javascript, and it actually rewrites the DOM in IE6, and make it compliant.

    If you have to consider the layout in IE you need to bookmark this page.

    I think your bug is one of those.

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