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  • Hi all,

    I’m back again 🙁 Same theme I’ve been working on forever …

    All that’s left with this is the png transparency issues and such. I’ve tried so many and the current one, though working – doesn’t seem to support all images in the theme.

    Some background images are now displaying, and some are not. The sidebar section isn’t showing at all, while the header seems ok now, yet the png has a gray background when viewing via:

    I’m currently using HITS- IE6 PNGFix plugin and the best setting seems to DD_belatedPNG.

    Any idea how these may be fixed? I’ve considered changing some to gif, but we know the quality would be just terrible!

    Thank you,

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  • I’ve been working on this as well for some png’s on my site and the problem lies within the ones in the background. I found a working one today, but don’t have the url on me right now. You could search for bgsleigh.js (iirc), or you’ll have to be patient 🙂

    edit: Here it is. It involves a javascript and a 1x1px transparent gif file.

    And even more fancy: as a plugin to jQuery.


    Hi Peter,

    How are you?

    Thanks so much for coming to my rescue once again Lol

    However, I just can’t seem to get this to work … *sigh* I’m gonna keep trying, please – wish me luck!

    Thanks again,


    this is indeed the best png fix available IMHO…
    but your problem , at the time I accessed the site, was not png transperancy, but rather div sizes and css that position the images in wrong places and smeared and distorted . (I accessed with IE6&7)
    Firefox all is ok and so is opera8
    Your PNG are displaying with transparancy on all browsers I checked
    I will maybe have a look at the css later if no one will beat me at it , but there is another thing, in the javascript of the plugin, try to change sizingMethod=’crop’ to sizingMethod=’image’ or sizingMethod=’scale’ (IMAGE IS THE BEST IMHO)
    That should fix the distortion

    another excelent PNG fix that I usually apply is :

    another excelent PNG fix that I usually apply is :

    The problem with this one is that it doesn’t support background images in css, unfortunately, since it’s working perfectly on foreground images.



    What exactly isn’t working with the png fix I mentioned?
    Did you create a 1×1 px gif, like is written in the article?

    You can download my gif here.

    Put it somewhere on your site and adjust the js file accordingly. The gif file is called twice.


    Thank you both …

    I placed the x.gif into the main directory for the sake of quick testing, I wonder if that’s the problem somehow?

    // Path to a transparent GIF image
    	var shim			= '';
    	// RegExp to match above GIF image name
    	var shim_pattern	= /x\.gif$/i;

    Especially where it’s called twice like you say … not sure how to edit the second line correctly if it’s needed though. 😐

    My javascript doesn’t look like yours….


    Thanks again Peter,

    Using yours, but still isn’t working … I edited the path to the x.gif, using the websites URL only as above, you wouldn’t think that’s the problem would you?


    The site looks the same to me in ie8 and compatibility mode.

    What exactly is it your seeing?


    IE 6 seems to be the issue now … if you view it here: you’ll see what i mean.

    Isn’t there a script I could use to actually prompt a user to upgrade their IE, or even better – to UNINSTALL it?! Lol 😀

    Yes, I’ve just tried this one, which seems to be the same.

    What you could do (and that’s drastic) is to create a separate stylesheet for IE6, having a lot of ‘display: none;’ in them, to hide the thingemies that go wrong. You could even create a paragraph explaining that the reader is better of with a newer/better browser, and hide that in the ‘good’ stylesheet.

    Unfortunately it seems that lots of companies (including the one I’m working for) do not dare to upgrade their Internet Explorer (because of sites not working anymore), but it would solve many, many problems (and I’m not talking css only here).


    @ Jennifer420
    Like I wrote you before, the FIRST pngfix I encountered when accessing your site worked fins. the transperancy was ok.
    THe only problem was the distortion of the images , that made them bigger than they are, thus forcing the floating divs to dislocat.
    This (SHOULD BE) easily fixed by applying a different sizingMethod=
    When I debugged your site, it worked for me … IE6 started to behave.

    hallo Jennifer,
    indeed, your PNGs are distorted in IE6, but work fine in 7&8.

    i have found that the best IE PNG fix is IE7-js

    simply add this code to the head of your HTML:
    <!–IE5-6-7 PNG & CSS FIX–>
    <!–[if lt IE 8]>
    <script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

    You must make sure that the filename of ALL your png ends in “-trans”. For example, “mypngfile-trans.png”. Otherwise, the script won’t work properly!

    i`ve been using it for almost a year now and had no problems whatsoever.


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