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  • Tried searching on this and didn’t see anything, though it might be out there… I’m hearing from more and more people that when they try to view my blog, IE6, in particular, locks up when loading the main page, often to the point of completely crashing their systems. There appears to be no problem in Firefox, Opera, or Netscape, or earlier versions of IE, nor is it everyone using IE6. If I look at my site with IE6 it’s very slow loading, and it is sort of jumpy when I scroll, but it loads. I’m using the Jakarta theme, and my WP version is up-to-date. My hosting company can’t find anything wrong – nor is it happening with other sites they’re hosting. If someone who knows a little about coding could take a look and maybe give me some thoughts… the site is

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  • Try to fix these:

    Then fix the css:
    PADDING-LEFT: 0px; P
    PADDING-TOP: 0px;

    Don’t use cap’s ;’)

    Your site didn’t crash IE6 on my machine, but I did notice that scrolling down the page gives a “jerky” effect … it kind of moves down the page in jumps rather than smoothly scrolling as it does in Opera.

    I had the same “jerky scrolling” problem with IE6 on a design that included both a body background image and div background images in the CSS. That might be another thing to look at.

    Corrected as much as I could – a few things I’m not sure how I’d approach correcting. Wasn’t sure which set of padding instructions to change, there are several in the style sheet for the different columns, the toolbar, etc.

    I’m wondering if maybe the image thing is it… I’ll play with it tomorrow.

    Tried just taking out the background images, still has the same problem, so that wasn’t it.

    Got all the validator stuff cleanup, I’m not clear on which Padding attributes you think I should change to 0px – there are a whole lot of them, and they format a variety of different parts of the page, the columns, the header, the toolbar, blockquotes, etc.

    Still scrolls jerkily for me, not sure if it’s still crashing for other folks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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