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  • Hello all,

    I have many questions to ask everyone on CSS for IE6&7:

    I created my first templelate:

    Everything works fine in FF.

    everything is a mess but this page comes the closet to looking right:

    Everything is a mess except this page: which looks as it should.

    I have read most of the forums on this matter but none have helped me resolve my issue.

    I did a validation of the site here:
    and this was the error message I got in return:
    Sorry, I am unable to validate this document because on line 108 it contained one or more bytes that I cannot interpret as utf-8 (in other words, the bytes found are not valid values in the specified Character Encoding). Please check both the content of the file and the character encoding indication.

    The error was: utf8 “\xBB” does not map to Unicode

    I don’t know what it means and have been looking for an answer but was unsuccessful. I have also tried changing portions of my CSS as stated in the forums only to see no change. At this point I am frustrated, because I know it has to be something silly, but I have the will power to push forward. Please any insight on this matter would greatly be appreciated.

    I thank everyone for taking the time out to read this.


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