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  • Firefox shows images included in posts and my Adsense Firefox referral links, but IE will not show either. the post at top about nabbed a local guy in our town. Pic displays in FF, but not IE. I notice the same thing happens with the next post down raving about firefox and the FF referral graphic only shows in FF not IE (talk about preaching to the choir in that circumstance).

    I’ve searched all over, but I’ve been frustrated by the lack of relevant search results lately relating to wordpress support. It used to be really great and the problem was sorting through all the great conversations to find the little nuance solution I was seeking.

    Now all the results seem to only be about the wordpress development blog. Using topic in google is only slightly better.

    And going to the archived support topics will only let me view page 1 of each topic! When I hit on page 2 or any other page, I see the link is to the right page, but then I get directed back to simply (very frustrating).

    So what am I doing wrong with the image display in IE, and what am I doing wrong with my support searches lately?

    Thanks much in advance, it seems this has been a tough week for WP users.

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  • I still cannot get images to show in IE. This now includes not only images and the firefox ad, but also gravatar images.

    They show in Firefox, and the space layouts are reserved in IE but they fail to show.

    Any ideas?

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    I dunno if this helps, but when I opened your site in an IE tab (it’s an extension for FF) I got a bunch of script error messages.

    I just took a look with FF and IE.7 beta 2, and not so manny errors. Just the gravatar is noet nice to look at in IE. I can see al the pics in IE

    Argh, so frustrating. Red-star indicates they can see all the pics in IE, andrea_r indicates they cannot (?) due to script errors, and I cannot see the pics in IE at both my home, a buddy’s home, and my work’s IE. My buddy’s wife said she got the script errors to with her workplace IE.

    Again, FF has no problem showing them. IE seems to be inconsistent/tempermental in displaying the pictures or even the page itself.

    Any other ideas?

    btw, posts go on, and the posts with pics have moved down a bit, they include three in a row titled:
    Control browsing experience by opening links in new tabs
    Force Popups to Behave in Firefox
    & Nabbed Local Pervert
    (not promoting, just helping you find which posts should display the pics but only display empty space in IE).

    I had this same exactly problem. I just looked at your site and you seemed to have fixed it, but just in case others come looking for a solution this problem, I’ll save them the search I went through…

    This problem was driving me crazy until I figured a workaround. In IE 7 beta, the image would begin to load but then stop at some point. The top part was there but nothing below the break point. This occurred only when the image was aligned left or right, and text was running around it. Here’s what was going on

    A phrase that was in italics, or sometimes in bold, that fell across two lines was choking the sensitive little beta. I’ll give you an example. I will use the handy * to signal italics.

    Here is what the two lines would look like in the browser:

    Fido was a *very
    funny dog* that way.

    The code reads like this. I will spell out the code rather than risking having it display and be no help

    Fido was a [em-bracket]very funny dog[close em-bracket] that way.

    The image would stop displaying on the line that ended in “very.” This turns out to be helpful because if you’re managing a large site like I am, you can quickly go to the line that’s causing the problem. So here is how the code was corrected and the full image displayed:

    Fido was a [em-bracket]very[close em-bracket] [em-bracket]funny dog[close em-bracket] that way.

    Another thing that makes IE 7 choke is if the code runs against the word. So in places where I had a closing span or div or [/a], I would put a space. This isn’t always a problem but if the picture has stopped displaying and you’re not splitting a format command across two lines, check and see if that fixes the display.

    This took one sleepless night but it was worth it. I don’t think this is a problem limited to WordPress. It seems too generic. Microsoft will have to correct it if they want to compete with our beloved Firefox.

    Hope this helps someone.

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