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  • I’m a guilt-stricken user of IE (but FireFox’s choice of korean character fonts is just ugly!). My blog entry

    does show up in FireFox but it doesn’t (at all) in IE. It’s Win2k SP4+IE6+Maxthon script. WP ver is Mingus 1.2.2

    The funny thing is, I get this blank screen in IE, and when I view the page source, the full source is right there, so it’s been loaded up right, but it is not displaying anything at all.

    And then, it displays alright in FireFox.

    The content is also displayed fine in the main screen (it’s the second item) at
    I’m using some javascript but I deleted the jscript entries and it’s still not showing up.

    Funny thing is, this entry showed up fine last night with IE. Then all of the sudden it stopped showing.

    I thought it had something to do with the length of the post, as I had a similar problem with this one, which had reached WP’s post size limit (30k of text, with some HTML) But changing its content to null didn’t help it – it still doesn’t show up.

    Then, worrying it might be a corrupt database entry I tried reposting it as a new entry, with no luck.

    I’m willing to go back into the source code, as I have installed some bizarre plugins lately – among those Adhesive, Trencaspammers, Jvisitors, and weighted categories. I tried de-activating them (withouth modifying back some php files when appropriate).

    Has anyone seen something like this before? That fox icon at the bottom of this entry form makes me nervous – do you folks use IE? Would you care to give a helping hand? *yelps*

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    IE6 in WinXP, and the last thing on the page is:

    “Comment by lunamoth â€? 1.21.2005 @ 9:18 am “
    and then the “Related Entries”

    I removed the “view next/previous entry in same category” plugin, but it still doesn’t show up. Weird though, my IE shows it all the way to

    </div> (this one is div menu)

    podz, did you imply that the page loads up in HTML format? (and that it gets cut at lunamoth comments?) or did you also open up the source manually?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I see an identical page in FF and IE – looks fine as rendered HTML

    I found the answer in an old post. (:

    I had turned the Auto-Detect encoding feature of IE off (because otherwise it kept turning to ISO-Western European when browsing korean sites without a predefined character set.

    Apparently when IE interprets a regular UTF-8 file as EUC-KR. it won’t display anything. So there wasn’t really a bug, I think, th eproblem was just on my client side.

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