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  • wp 1.5
    tested in IE and FF

    I’ve searched the forum for this problem, but perhaps can’t search properly or it has not been covered (most likely, just didn’t search properly). anyway:

    I have tested this on a new install/simple layout, and the outcome is the same. For some reason, there is just a 15-20px white space above the start of the actual content (header.php) What could be the source of this problem?

    I know you might ask for the CSS but it’s quite lengthy, and messy right now. It’d be fairly difficult to search through until I clean it up a bit.

    Just wondering if there were any “quick” fixes, quick ideas? (also, it’s not on the site linked from my name)

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  • There are no “quick fixes” regarding IE and CSS. There are several general fixes, such as the box-model hack and the clearfix, but there are inherent differences in how IE and standard browsers measure paddings and margins, so it’s not as simple as one fix. My suggestion, is to tighten the design to complete XHTML and CSS validation, and THEN tweak for IE. Any thing else, you’ll wind up with it looking half cocked in both browsers.

    I had the same problem! This is how to get IE6 to get rid of the white space.

    margin: 0 0 0 0;

    The latest versions of Opera, Netscape, and Firefox allow you to use either negative margins or padding, cant remember which!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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