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  • there’s some REALLY weird stuff happening with IE and my site. Things that should not be, but are.

    1) If you scroll in IE6, you will note that comment formatting appears and then disappears – what the!?

    2) the banner at the top has been indented, cut, chopped, circumcised and I don’t know why. Looks A-OK in FF

    3) submit button has pissed off to the right right when it should be below the text area as in FF.

    Can anyone help with these minor, yet obvious flaws?

    Thanks in advance

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  • is a key source for this and many other browser bugs. Also check the Codex article on

    can someone who knows CSS to an extent that they can advise properly help? no offence L, but you are great and dishing out links, but for people who need help and don’t have the entire time to read several pages, and who are looking for someone to give practical help, you’re not so good at that.

    if i kep tdishing out links, then those who needed help would still be asking for help. i was hoping someone other than yourself would answer, because I’ve never found you’ve helped as such. IMHO.

    I’ve narrowed it down to the comments.php file

    Well, if you add the magic words “position: relative;” into either ol.commentlist or ol.commentlist, the issue you described disappear, but then you need to fix some other stuff up. So if you’d rather fix the other stuff, then include the magic words.

    thanks alphaoide 🙂

    well, I managed to fix the header issue, added a clear and that fixed it so it works both in IE and FF. joni’s having a similar problem with the comments thingy, so I’ll give your “magic words” a try and see what that borks.

    With regards to the submit button, I take it that’s due to the way IE interprets % and em differently to FF?

    EDIT: all done, except for the submit button – but bugger that. Cheers again alpha

    EDIT2: all done including the submit button – i’ll refrain from calling your harry potter, though if you have any other magic words you want to share, they’re most welcome 🙂 thank you

    Jinsan, part of adding links is to help you help yourself. It’s more than just getting the help. You obviously want to learn more about how to do this, and this is how you learn. And not always is “one answer” the way to go. Your particular situation may require a couple of fixes.

    We have all been there and all had to learn the hard way. I think this forum goes above and beyond the call of duty by hand holding, but sometimes, we also have to encourage people to learn on their own, too.

    Some people actually take classes to learn everything you are learning by challenging yourself and WordPress. I think it’s wonderful.

    I know lorelle, I meant no harm by my comments, but between doing my mcp to move towards an mcsa and then an mcse, and then learning css and understanding, I simply cannot spare the time to cram and learn everything.

    i know it’s true for most as well, but my response was based on the fact that this was specific problem that someone with solid css knowledge would be able to make clear to me and then I can take it from there, and experiment with and try using it in x, y and z at the weekends when I get time.

    the problem with links such as the one you provide is not only the scope but the length of the content where reading all of it, or finding relevant parts is like distinguishing a 74 red and a 75 red, you’d have to know what the problem is, what the name of the problem is befoure you can find the solution that fits the name. That’s why I try to explain to a user with a problem what might be the problem MIGHT be, what MIGHT fix it and where an example of a solution MIGHT be available. I gurantee no absolute answers, and though I appreciate the links, I have had these buggers bookmarked for ages – if it’s CSS tut on something, I probabnly have it, getting down to read and experiement with it all takes a very long time. Root has helped me understand alot, and even then I only know a microscopic amount compared to what he does.

    I appreciate the help, but in this case it wasn’t as clear as it could have been.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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