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  • I have been working on my site for the past day using Firefox and it looks great. Then I decided to look at it in Internet Explorer and it looks all weird with everything unformated. Can someone please help?!?

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  • Yep, all browsers are different.

    and it sucks…

    What sucks is that browser developers can’t seem to build a browser that simply follows the W3C standards. I personally feel Firefox does the best job, but perfection seems far off.

    Then again, I see nothing wrong with a completely unstyled web.

    haha…. very true… if everyone just went plain, there would be no need for fancy browsers…

    You know why they don’t follow W3C standards 100%? Some of those “standards” aren’t worth following or they are vague to begin with – and following them to begin with is optional; it’s not law or mandate despite the W3C’s bizarre use of the word “illegal” to describe non-standard things.

    That said, one stands the best chance of having their stuff viewable as intended if one does stick close to “standards”, though nothing is guaranteed obviously.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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