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  • this cross browser compatability issue with pretty much every system I have set up….WP….joomla…phpbb…and stuff is driving me INFRIKINSANE!!!!!!!!!

    Just when I think I got it figured….I get a call saying something is gimped on a page in IE……every time.

    EI and FF and NS and Safari and such…man…its like as if all the car companies got together and said,

    “K…cool…lets all put the gas tank on the left side of our cars!.”

    GM said,

    “Yea guys…great idea!!!!”

    then went behind everyones back and said,

    “HA…SUCKERS!!! Not only are we not gona put it on the left…we will put it on the right and to top it off….we will change the size of the opening and get almost all gas stations to change the size of the gas nozzles so they don’t fit all the other cars!!!!!MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

    Now all my car drivers hate me and all my buddies car companies and are gona go to GM 🙁

    Can ya see the lack of ethics here?????

    Sorry…I’m just very upset right now….maybe I need more coffee and some fresh air 🙁

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