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  • I’m having an issue on my site, but only when using Internet Explorer browser. When viewing the main blog page, everything displays correctly –

    However, when attempting to view an individual post with comments, there is some sort of text transparency issue wherein the text of the post itself becomes partially/completely invisible and can only be viewed by scrolling up and down until some semblance of visibility is restored. For example,

    Again, there is absolutely no problem in Firefox. This is only an issue with Internet Explorer, and I can’t imagine why this is happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • The validator did not help at all. Actually, it sent me on the wrong track. I spent a good amount of time trying to “repair” the “errors” that it pointed out. It seems that they were not really errors anyway.

    Only after I gave up with the validator did I do a more extensive search. It turns out that my initial suspicions were correct – the problem had nothing to do with my code being erroneous or with any error on my part at all. My problem was the IE6 “peekaboo” bug, wherein Internet Explorer does not correctly display <div> sections that are touching each other. I solved the problem by simply placing the following code in the offending cascading style sheet sections:

    {position: relative;}

    And that is all. Next time I have an issue, I will probably just go straight to looking it up myself and I’ll not waste time posting it here.





    >Next time I have an issue, I will probably just go straight to looking it up myself and I’ll not waste time posting it here.

    We can only hope! Thats what you ought to be doing first anyway. Regardless of whether or not someone here can help you.

    Thanks for letting others know what the solution was, all the same.

    Actually, I had been experiencing this issue for several weeks. It was only after initial searches failed that I decided to post and ask for assistance.

    I thought that there was something wrong with my code – so I was originally looking for information about possible coding problems that cause display errors in IE. Although it registered many “errors” in my code, the validator did nothing else but prove to me that none of them were really errors, so I started searching different terms to discover my problem.

    Only at this point did I stumble upon information regarding the peekaboo bug, from a google search that led me right back to this very forum! I found an old thread with a person having this issue ( who provided no more information than I did and very quickly received a bunch of responses, with several people suggesting that the peekaboo bug was the problem and providing links to solutions.

    I was a bit miffed that all I got was a lousy link to a validator that didn’t really tell me anything, when I should think that a forum moderator here would have some greater knowledge of previous forum threads (and the information therein) than myself. Perhaps I’m being harsh.

    In any case, the problem is solved, and I’m somewhat wiser from the experience.

    What a rude response you got gaiamark! I’ve not found this forum to be much help either. So much for support forums.

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