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  • Has anyone noticed how IE screws up the list numbering in this forum?
    A list like this…

    1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Donec wisi libero, adipiscing nec, volutpat et, ornare a, justo. Integer eget sem. Integer posuere volutpat dui. Vestibulum dolor nulla, dapibus eu, pulvinar sit amet, scelerisque non, massa. Phasellus vestibulum wisi quis eros. Nam vulputate, erat sit amet interdum facilisis, turpis nibh commodo justo, non scelerisque elit ipsum at nibh. In dictum. Proin faucibus rhoncus diam.
    2. Quisque interdum nonummy orci. Etiam convallis elit nec enim. Curabitur eu enim. Nunc pretium, felis in lacinia ullamcorper, ipsum metus ultricies dui, eu congue mauris neque et ipsum. Cras vulputate iaculis justo. Fusce vestibulum.

    …displays fine in Firefox, but in IE, all the numbers are “1”, and the list numbering is bottom-aligned, rather than top-aligned – in other words the numbers appear next to the last line of the item, rather than the first.
    I know everyone round here seems to hate IE (and I don’t blame them), but given that it’s what the vast majority of webusers use, it would make sense to fix it. I’m not a CSS expert, but someone out there must know why it’s happening?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I would imagine a ‘fix’ would entail writing CSS in a fashion that IE, and IE alone understands. IE doesn’t play ball. IE does not follow standards. IE (read m$) want the world to work their way – and that just ain’t going to happen………

    Ideal chance to upgrade to Firefox.

    yea, but a fix would still be good since the majority of people who probably look at our sites are still IE users.

    Not true. Most of our stats show IE in a minority at least among WP bloggers.

    Probably because this site looks so bad in IE 😉

    I’m talking about those that look at the sites that we create. I know that 90+% of the people who view my site view it from IE. I’m sure that pretty much everyone has the same case as IE is still the major browser on the market.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven
    Blogger view blogs.
    There have been 500 more hits since I did those stats, and the current percentage is the same.

    @lawtai: what have the folks who look at your site got to do with this forum. ?

    Well there might be a message in there somewhere.

    i was saying about trying to get a good fix for the ol problem

    Yes there is a problem. IE does not follow web standards. That cant be repeated often enough. I do not want to speak for the devs but I doubt whether they give a flying fig leaf what WP or the forum looks like in IE. Why should they? Or we?

    Any way they is no benefit in adjusting just for the *small minority of bloggers still using insecure legacy MS browsers*. 🙂 [The new PR line]

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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