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  • Hello guys! Good to be here.

    Perhaps someone would have the patience and expertise to help solve an issue with the Relaxation 3 column theme. This issue has been commented on the blog of the original author of the theme, and so far there has been no solution to this IE “mystery”. The author could not find a solution either.

    The Issue: In this 3 column theme, whenever a picture wider than 380 px is posted on the main column, the second sidebar (that is the third column) Internet Explorer pushes it to the bottom of the layout. It’s quite annoying because this is an otherwise excellent theme.

    Take a look at the problem here, see the second sidebar pushed lower:

    The original theme can be found here (were you see how the two sidebars are properly aligned, since no images over 380 in width are used):

    If you use Firefox, then both sidebars always displays right. You might think, who cares if it works with FireFox — well, 80% of the people still uses IE and I want the blog to display properly.

    If you find a solution to this problem, you’ll be helping not only my case, but actually solving an issue for an outstanding 3-column theme.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • There isn’t really a fix for troubles like that. IE does not “re-size” the images, so you can never have an image that is wider than your post area because it will always push down your sidebar(s).
    Don’t use images wider than 380px – as you already figured out.

    Thanks Moshu, but the problem occurs even when the image is NOT wider than the post area. The post area is 450 pixels wide, and the problem begins at 380 pixels… it’s not a matter of the image sticking out beyond the post area. With an image between 380px – 450 (which is still well within post area limits) IE still pushes the second sidebar down.

    From that 450 substract all the margins, paddings, borders…

    See how I solved the problem here. This article explains.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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