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  • Hi,

    I’ve just set up my new theme, on my soon to be launched new redesign using WP, the site displays correctly in Firefox and similar, but not in IE.

    In IE the right hand sidebar is it’s own width too far right, and stick out of the side of the main layout, leaving a space the exact size of itself where it should be.

    The testing site is up at, I’d be grateful if someone could have a quick peek and let me know whats wrong with it. I can’t priview IE because I deve on an iMac and can’t run IE.

    Thanks very much


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  • owen,
    I took a very quick peek and will take a stab at it:
    This code in your css stylesheet:
    ‘#outerright {

    I think that “float:right;” might be causing your IE bug. Might try to comment out the float and see what happens. If it doesn’t work, try floating it the opposite direction:
    ‘float: left;’
    Like I said, it was just a quick peek.. 🙂
    Can’t really test it in IE, because, well. IE is IE…

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