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  • I started with the Borderline Chaos theme and have tweeked it some and can’t figure out at all what has caused the below problems. I’d contact the author but her website is not up right now. I’ve searched all over and can’t find anything that helps.

    In IE certain images are either showing up out of place and popping in when running the mouse over them or where they’re supposed to be, or popping out of place when hovering over a link.

    Below page shows an example of images appearing outside an image gallery and moving into it when moused over or when mouse runs over the gallery.

    And then on the single post pages the footer is popping out of place and back into place when the mouse is run over the navigation links at the bottom of the comment area and the links in the sidebox/left column.


    I’m also informed that in Safari the text of my posts is appearing in a narrow column of a few pixels. I don’t have access to a Mac and can’t see it.

    Thanks. I can’t figure out at all what’s going on and hope someone is able to help.

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