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    I’m having an issue with my CSS code for a theme I’m developing from scratch. I know that IE considers padding to be internal to a div, but I still can’t figure out exactly what’s going wrong. I have a Mac, so I can’t even test changes locally—I’ve been using Browsershots.

    The problem shows up differently in different versions of IE, but basically it boils down three issues:

    • the sidebar drops below the post content
    • IE 7 seems to have scrollbars in the heart of the page
    • when I did manage to fix the sidebar in a previous version of the CSS, there was too much space on the right side of the main content area (the “meat” div) in all versions of IE

    The theme in question is visible on my site at and at The CSS is at

    I’ve been unable to figure this out for a week now, and I think it’s something obvious that’s staring me in the face. If you can help, I’ll love you forever.

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  • A Mac should run everything you need to set up a local server. I think Apache is already installed by default and Mysql might be. That said, I tried to set up a LAMP server on OS X recently and it was painful. You could try something like MAMP though, which might be easier.

    You have quite a few errors on your page. Start by cleaning that up. Once that is fixed maybe you’ll have an easier time with IE. Or not. My page validates but I still have to use IE conditional tags to make it behave.

    hi – Your scrollbars are because of the overflow:auto setting

    try overflow: hidden

    in IE7 your sidebar looks fine. its not below the post

    in ie 6 i was able to get the sidebar where you want it by adjusting the width of DIV id=”loop” from 514 to 475 pixels.

    The best way to get IE tweaks into a theme is to use Microsoft Conditional Comments and a separate ie supplementary stylesheet.
    You can Google for info about that.

    But for now you can do a quick and dirty by putting this at the bottom of your stylesheet
    * html #loop { width:475px }

    Get those things working and if its created further problems you can repost them.

    Thanks, Steve. That was really helpful.

    Thanks also to apljdi, as making my CSS/XHTML validate did fix another problem I was having: the ie conditional stylesheet wasn’t loading. It is now.

    However, I’m still having issues with IE:

    • IE 5.01: images show up fine, but there’s no text at all
    • IE 5.5: the orange header and navigation images don’t show up, and the sidebar drops below the content.
    • IE 6: the sidebar works now! But there’s still more padding on the right than on the left. Is this a simple pixel tweak (play around with that 475 number)?
    • IE 7: the biggie! the background behind the blog content is shifted slightly to the right. You can see an image here. I have no idea what’s going on there.

    Any further advice you can provide would be a huge help.


    IE 5.01: I see images and text.

    IE 5.5: Looks ok.

    IE 6: Yes, more padding on the right than the left. Fiddle with the numbers. And I for one am not too proud to used conditional tags.

    IE 7: I see that shift but only on the blog page. It looks like #meat is being padded over a bit too much but I can’t make out why. Very odd.


    About 17 people in the world still use IE 5 and 5.5. You need to decide if its worth the effort to tweak them to work. They are around ten years old now.

    IE 7 – change your #header background position to left top – that appeared to clean up the slight shift to the right

    IE 6 – yes, play around with the 475 – I picked it somewhat arbitrarily

    Thanks again, guys. It’s good enough where it is now.

    I moved #gap to begin right under the navbar, which masks the IE 7 padding issue. 479 was the magic number for IE6, and although things are still farther from the right than is perfect, no one will care except me.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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