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  • Ok, this is weird and I cannot figure it out for some reason. – actual site – css file (for now)
    In IE 5.5 and above, the story content box starts, but renders the first line of text, below the padded area of my left side menu.
    I have everything positioned relatively, and it works fine in Mozilla 0.71 and Opera 7.2 but not IE 6….
    It is really strange. I would like to take the float out for the menu, but something is causing it to get it’s positioning call below the content. I have tried putting it first in the hierarchy in the index page also.
    Anyway, if any of you can figure it out, that would be awesome. I am converting all my friends over to wordpress (am doing it for them, as I am the admin and hoster) and would really like my site to shine. I gotta figure this out also, before I build alternate themes. I have 4 built already, and was going to implement them on my B2 site, but gotta rework them now.

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  • You might want to check out .

    just 1 thing come to mind. IE’s CSS support is the worst amongst the current browsers. But I think you already know this…

    I understand that IE blows in it’s ideas of the css standards even though MS sits on the W3C board.
    Anyway, I am just going to not worry about it fiddle with the site to get it. I jsut wanted a fluid site deshn for diffrent screen res.
    Will keep everyone posted…..
    Ohh yeah and actually thanks for the links, they helped. I knew the info on the float tutorial, but got some new ideas/insight on some list stuff. I am rereading zeldmans books, and mike meyers stuff. I also pured over the website the other day.

    If you change contents position to absolute rather than relative the content box will move up in both ie and mozilla (you’ll have to play about with the left and right padding to include the menu. However this will also move the footer, which is just a paragraph, up to just under the header
    Not the solution but it might point you in the direction.

    i could call them absolute, but then you loose the fluidity of the site also. That really kills my other theme layouts.
    I am working off the idea from for layout. I did not use his code, but I did borrow the idea.
    I am also working on a layout to push all items to certain areas on the screen. This is a really weird one, and I have talked to Zeldman, and he looked at it and is pondering this one also. he says that it may have something to do with the menu form and stuff. He suggested wrapping the entire menu, in a sub class called menuwrap or something. I am probably going to try this.
    Sucks, that is works in EVERY browser but IE 6. M$ maybe you shoudl pull your heads out and figure that one out huh!!! (sorry had to rant)

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