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  • Do WordPress blogs interact well with Macs running IE pre 6.0? I can load several MT blogs but our Word Press blog crashes and won’t load the page.

    I’m desperate to fix. Does anyone have any ideas? Here’s the blog:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Any crashes would be due to the nature of the HTML or CSS used. The underlying technology rendering the page – WordPress, MoveableType, TextPattern – is irrelevant.

    That said, IE:Mac is a very, very different browser to IE5 on the PC. It’s also very broken when it comes to a lot of rendering (it’s more weirdly buggy and crashes more often than IE on PC which says a lot!).

    The best way to fix it would be to carve out the CSS bit by bit until IE:mac behaves. Actually, first try removing the CSS altogether – if it still crashes then there’s something wrong with the underlying HTML.

    Then put things back in bit by bit until you find the point at which it breaks.

    i checked your CSS in the CSS validator, and got a parse error. note at the end of the last class, there is a additional parenthesis and semi-colon. this is the error i got:

    Parse error - Unrecognized : );

    notice it right above your closing of the style tag. after the last curly bracket: (delete the ); and re-test)

    } );


    tell us how it comes along… fun site!

    FYI: ——- i wrote this below before i saw your site link! i leave it here for reference for others.

    it’s a shame that IE5.0 is still circulated on Mac OS X. it’s woefully out of date. it is most likely the CSS indeed.

    look for a backward compatible wordpress theme that uses tables for layout. if you can find one that suits.

    or, are you handy with CSS? replace the layout dividers of your theme with tables. here’s some how-to’s an a little more on the topic of tables for layout. sometimes it must be done!

    even your man mezzoblue from the CSS zen garden recommends tables in some cases, like yours. you don’t have to go nutz and nest tables, and use spacer gifs! just a simple framework to control display.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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