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    My site shows fine on all browsers except for IE (any version). I have the classic WordPress theme and the Gallery2 embedded into wordpress. My site will not fully download on IE7 (it shows only one and a half posts instead of the 5 it is supposed to show), neither will it show the right sidebar. Funny enough, when I click on the first post, the full post opens up, this time with the right sidebar!. But as I said before, the main page will not show up the way it should. Any suggestions to fix this? Thanks a million for the help!

    PS: I have the latest versions of wordpress & Gallery

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  • if you want help with this, give us a link. we dont read minds.

    Holy mother!… ok….
    I know you don’t read minds, I didn’t give a link since I thought it could be a “common” problem with a “standard” solution!
    Geez… ok here is the link. Anyway, thanks for the help whooami, I guess I didn’t get you on a good day!

    Where did my link go?
    Ok, here it is:

    you have this:

    …in at least one of your posts. when you remove that stuff, your site will display in ie.

    moral of the story: dont paste from word.

    and you probably dont want to use the ‘paste from word’ button or whatever that thing is, it seems to cause issues like this as well.

    as for getting me on a good day.. and your “holy mother”..

    how on earth would you expect anyone to even begin to tell you what is wrong without seeing it?

    I responded quite appropriately. Get a spine, this is a support forum, not a daycare. (now youre “holy mother” is justified, at least).

    have a great day!

    “Get a spine, this is a support forum, not a daycare.”
    lol – this is the army!

    Is all good, honestly, I was not even being serious!!
    Anyway, you solved it! aaaaaawesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks whooami, you are the man!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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