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    My site has been working fine, then suddenly yesterday IE stopped displaying my sidebar and any content after the most recent post. Everything displays fine in Firefox.

    I deactivated the most recently installed plugins–Nex-Gen Gallery and Google sitemaps, but nothing changes in IE.

    My most recent post shows okay, but the one before that says: <!–[endif]–>

    The RSS Feed works.

    Using WP 2.6, running the Emerald theme

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  • This is usually a symptom of an unclosed div tag. Try validating your site:

    Thanks, but it passed validation and I still have the problem.

    validator congrats

    My site:

    Any ideas?

    I deleted the post with the odd <!–[endif]–> and the problem went away. That was a post that I pasted from Word using the Paste feature in WordPress, the only one I’ve done like that. Could there be a bug in that feature (or, more accurately, problems with Word)?

    Phew – that was exactly the same problem that I have – I resolved it by after pasting from word using the paste feature then changing over to the html view – I then deleted all the code at the top of the page – It then displays correctly.

    It worked fine up until I upgraded to 2.6 I think.

    When I redid the post, I changed the Word file to a .txt file and then copied back to the post using Crimson Editor. It must be the Word formatting. I’ll try the html trick if I ever have to do it again.

    there was a sitemeter problem yesterday. if you have sitemeter that might have been causing it. they say they’ve fixed it now

    Thnx a TON for this soln!



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    Reminder to NEVER copy and paste from Word to Post. It clashes with the formatting you have in your style.css because it will always carry over the formatting in Word to your post.

    I continue to have this issue, and all my posts (for over a year) have been directly in the wordpress admin tool. Could moving posts (over a year ago) from blogger still be causing an issue?

    I was getting the following error:

    st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } –> <!–[endif]–>

    It kept showing up on my newly launched wordpress blog. I searched the code and found no reference to Internet Explorer. A very frustrating process but thanks to your reference to MS WORD I decided to give it a shot and it WORKED! Thanks again guys, it also appears that MS Excel can cause this issue. I had copied a table created in Excel and pasted it in my post. Once I deleted Excel post and also got rid of the MS word pasted post it all worked fine in IE. So simple it was right under my nose.

    Thanks Again,

    Keep up the good work guys.

    THANK YOU. Word adding HTML to the posts was causing the problem. Note I found the same problem when pasting to Pages from Word. Same remedy works: go to the HTML view and delete all the HTML at the top that Word adding.

    Now trying to figure why sidebar not working in IE.

    thanks for the answers.i had the same problem with 2 posts on my site.
    the test was copy/paste from word.
    there was some unnecessary code in the html. i delete it and everything is working great!!

    Thanks you. Solved my problem too. No copy/paste from Word from know. 🙂

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