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    Hopefully someone can help me with this issue:

    I have an internal WordPress site running on a Windows environment. I developed a theme on my local machine(using Desktop Server) and all displayed well. I exported the theme and set it up in a new install in our dev environment.
    The site displays fine on all browsers except that for IE, the comment numbering is funky. The numbering doesnt start until the 3rd comment or so, and when it does start, it is not aligned right, and it doesnt count…it just displays 1 on each comment. Every other browser displays the numbering correctly.
    Now, if I view the source for the page in IE, copy everyting in the source, and then paste it into a new html document and run that html document….the numbering is fine.
    If i upload the theme to another site in my Desktop Server, all browsers display as they should. I have an external blog that i uploaded the theme to and there it works fine; numbering of comments works properly.

    Is there anything anyone can think of? Some configuration issue for PHP or FastCGI or perhaps a folder rights issue?

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  • Moderator kmessinger


    View the source code and make sure nothing is above DOCTYPE. If so, IE will load in a Quirks mode and cause errors.

    Thanks kmessinger, but there is nothing above the DOCTYPE line.

    Moderator kmessinger


    While in IE, use F12 to open web tools. Then you can use Ctrl B to turn on Find. When you hover over a number you can see what css effects it. You can also run scripts to see if that is a problem. Like FireFly but for IE.

    Ok, the culprit has been found. Compatibility View.

    IE here is configured so that if the site is an intranet site, it defaults to compatibility view. Once set IE to not use compatibility fiew, it was fine.

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