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  • Resolved marklaroi


    Hi all,

    my left sidebar overlaps the main body when viewed in IE. I’ve tried the fixes I found in searching the forum, but none worked. I removed all the sidebar content and that didn’t work.

    I resized the large picture, no good.

    I removed the one long link and that didn’t work.

    I tried resizing the columns a bit, with no change.

    It’s fine in Firefox (what isn’t?) and I prefer to use Firefox, but most of my visitors currently use IE. I’m not really experienced at this, so maybe it’s something obvious?

    My problem page:

    Thanks for your help!

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  • jwurster


    The first img tag is not closed. You are also get validation errors on the <BR> tags not being closed.



    Hi jwurster,

    I ran the validator thingy and when I checked the suggested errors, there wasn’t anything seemingly wrong. I deleted and re-wrote the lines in question, and nothing changed.

    With the break code <BR>, is a </BR> necessary? I’ve always just used <BR> and it’s seemed to work.

    Thanks for your reply!



    what is the Validator? How do I get that, I’m having a little issue with my sidebar as well. my issue is not nearly as severe as yours. good luck.



    Here you are nadball:



    I’ve always just used <BR> and it’s seemed to work.

    Not in xhtml it hasn’t. All tags have to be closed.
    For <br> this means <br />.



    Is that
    or <br/> ?



    Oh, I see!
    I’ve never seen that before! I’ll give it a try though.



    marklaroi – there’s a space between the r and the forward slash.



    Thanks vkaryl.

    Ok, I’ve adjusted the errored BRs, and now they all show up as “undefined”, and the original problem still exists in Internet Explorer. I’m exploring (no pun intended) the error explanations page at Validator hoping that will shed some light ’til somebody reads this who’s had the problem before.

    Some of the errors are in the root code, things I’ve never touched.

    Problem solved! I went to the theme creator’s site and he’d made an upgrade designed to cope with certain instabilities in IE. I got the upgrade and in addition, I performed the actions in IE figuring that getting it correct in the least “smart” browser was the way to be most sure it’d look right in the “smarter” browsers.

    Thanks all for your help!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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