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  • Hey all
    After solving the problem with IE not properly displaying images, here’s another IE conflict. I’m really starting to hate this piece of junk browser.
    My posts are being cut off. I PHP-adjusted my blog so that it only shows title, subtitle, avatar, category, date and rating in the main window. The post itself is being shown upon clicking on its title (redirecting to single.php).
    Opera (correctly) lets the user scroll down if the text is longer than the window’s height, but IE just cuts the text off!!!
    What can I do??

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  • No problems with IE 6.0 here…

    I got IE 7.
    What can I do??

    please? 🙁

    Making your pages valid usually fixes these sorts of problems:

    Remember, making your markup valid is *not* optional. Invalid markup is broken markup.

    Thank you.
    I just read through the errors it gives me, and it all seems to be unnecessary stuff that doesn’t have to do anything with my problem. Opera and Firefox work perfectly with the setup I have now, isn’t there any easy way to tell IE to force the document length (or height) to the post’s length?

    Yes, that’s the usual sort of response we get. The problem is that there’s no such thing as “unnecessary stuff”. If it’s wrong, then it’s wrong. “It works” does not equate to “it is correct”. Correct code does what you expect it to do.

    Trust me. Make the site valid. The actual problem with the site will then almost always become very, very obvious.

    In short, when the code is valid, debugging these sorts of cross browser issues is very simple. When the code is invalid, then you’re basically relying on the browsers to figure it out, and they all have different ways of doing things. Just one error in your code will throw the browser into what is known as “tag soup” mode. Debugging tag soup is much harder than debugging valid code.

    Hm, okay. Thank you. I’ll run the page through the validator and debug it.

    Okay … I tried but … my problem is, I simply don’t understand why the validator is moaning! It sees errors where there, in my eyes, aren’t any errors. I know, I know, the validator is omnipotent when it comes to validating (nomen est omen), but … can anyone please help me with this? 🙁 All I want is IE to show my posts properly. 🙁

    Let me give you an example.
    I used the <br> tag for a line break. If I use </br> or <br_/>, IE doesn’t even do a line break. Swapping it for <br> resulted in both Opera and IE understanding it and doing a line break. But the validator tells me that I opened a tag with <br> that’s not closed! Do you understand? The only thing that the validator does right now is confuse me even more.

    Well, what errors are giving you trouble? Every single one of them looks broken to me.

    <br> is not valid. Use <br /> instead.

    The three &nbsp;‘s are not valid in the main body, they must be inside another element such as <p>. Or remove them entirely, they appear to be unneeded.

    Things like color=#ff0000 size=1 are not valid either. There *must* be quotes of some kind around attributes. Like color="#ff0000" size="1".

    You left out an ending </li> tag somewhere.

    Attributes cannot be capitalized. CLASS="" BORDER="0" should be class="" border="0".

    You have a </br> which is wrong. It’s either <br /> or remove it entirely.

    You have an extra </font> tag somewhere.

    You have incorrect nested markup, with a closed </td> outside of a </div>.

    I know you think some of these things don’t matter. But here’s the facts:
    1. They do matter. Any invalid markup causes the browsers to use a different parser, with different behavior. Your markup must be valid to ensure correct and predictable browser behavior.
    2. When you make your site valid, your problem will most likely be fixed. I cannot tell you which one of those issues is causing your problem, although those badly nested DIVs and table elements look suspicious to me. But the short of it is that the problem will probably go away when you fix all those issues.

    Do it like this: Fix the very first issue on the list. Then revalidate the site. You’ll notice that fixing one issue generally fixes more than one error in validation. One error can show up as several on that list. So work them one at a time. It’s not hard. It will probably only take an hour or so.

    Make it valid FIRST. Then make it look the way you want while keeping it valid.

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